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JZ SmartMort

Summary: When mapped to a hardware button users can copy/paste, clipboard history, favorites and more tools including ability to choose from multiple installed browsers when a URL is clicked.

Windows Mobile Smartphone

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Smartphone JZ SmartMort freeware
JZ SmartMort Description

New version v1.6.7:
* JZBrowser: Opera Mobile 10 beta support
* JZBrowser: Check when to display Browser GUI option
* JZBrowser: Extra error trapping for a situation when the configured Browser GUI is uninstalled, MortScript Choice Menu will default.
* JZAction: Add 3g toggle to Comm Manager
* Tweaks: Added BAND setting tweak
* Tweaks: HTC > StartUp put current status on the menu
* Tweaks: Shortcut/LNK ability which will dial a number when the shortcut is clicked. Further testing needed on QVGA, Pure and Emulator
* New button mapping for the Samsung Jack WM 6.5 ROM

The script pack is meant for devices running Windows Mobile 5 & 6 with Mort's MortScript as the macro engine mapped to the Notes hardware button.

Copy/paste plus many more tools and browser plugin options that a Windows Mobile lacks.

JZ SmartMort Features:

* Copy / Paste
* Clipboard / URL history
* Multi-browser support (Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, NetFront, Skyfire, Iris Browser, Internet Explorer)
* Make any installed browser system-level, where it opens links from anywhere. Ability to have a default browser (with a special timeout in case you want to open a link with a non-default browser).
* Hardware buttons - supports Pocket PCs & SmartPhones for advanced hardware button mapping.
* Opera Mini - shortcut on the Start Menu, different paste & URL handling methods to accommodate different phones.
* JBed - create Start Menu shortcuts for any JBed app, run JBed App directly using JZ SmartMort, troubleshoot your JBed installation.
* Ability to open synced Mobile Favorites with any browser, process killing and many other interesting features.
* Includes general tweaks and hacks which will keep growing.

If my CAB does not uninstall successfully, the best software to remove JZ SmartMort is SKTools. It did much better at uninstalling than PocketMechanic & MemMaid.

Make sure you have tried an alternative "Opera Mini Paste Method" in JZ Browser options.

For more information and updates please visit this forum post

the JZ SmartMort free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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Made by: jz_smartmort

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