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Welcome to Windows Mobile smartphone freeware downloads archive. More than 500 free smartphone software titles for Samsung, Motorola, Palm Treo, HP, i-mate or HTC Smartphone.

Free games, ringtones and utilities for Windows Mobile 6 Standard, 5.0 and 2003 phones plus bluetooh, wireless and gps software.

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Smartphone CellMapper
• Summary: CellMapper is a program used to map the extent of your network providers coverage and cell phone tower locations. This information helps others determine if they should use the same provider or not. It is able to run both with an without a data plan.

• Arrived: 2010-12-14
• Found under: Utilities, network mapping, mapping, tower, cell site, signal, coverage, map,

Smartphone SMath Studio v0.89
SMath Studio v0.89
• Summary: SMath Studio is a math program with "paper"-like interface. It has an ability to work with systems, matrices, vectors, complex numbers, infinities and fractions.

• Arrived: 2010-07-28
• Found under: math, utilities, sciense, graph,

Smartphone JZ SmartMort
JZ SmartMort
• Summary: When mapped to a hardware button users can copy/paste, clipboard history, favorites and more tools including ability to choose from multiple installed browsers when a URL is clicked.

• Arrived: 2010-03-23
• Found under: utilities, multiple browsers, browserscopy, paste, tweaks, hacks,

Smartphone SKTools Lite
SKTools Lite
• Summary: SKTools Lite for WM5/6 Smartphones useful tools and utilities

• Arrived: 2010-02-16
• Found under: utilities, tools, clean, registry,

Smartphone ConnTweak V1.0.1
ConnTweak V1.0.1
• Summary: Small utility to set the data connection idle timeout. On an application unlocked Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone which has the .Net Compact Framework 2.0 (SP2 or higher) installed, this utility allows ...

• Arrived: 2010-01-07
• Found under: utilities, connection,

Smartphone VirtualGPS Lite
VirtualGPS Lite
• Summary: Navigation without GPS for Windows Mobile Smartphones

• Arrived: 2009-08-07
• Found under: gps, utilities, emulate, virtual, navigation, coordinates,

Smartphone Screen Capture
Screen Capture
• Summary: Ilium Software Screen Capture is a free, fast, and easy screen capturing program for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone. Download a copy today and you'll be able to take screens...

• Arrived: 2009-07-08
• Found under: screen, capture, utilities,

Smartphone Stay Unlock
Stay Unlock
• Summary: Stay Unlock will keep your device unlocked for a predefined period of time.

• Arrived: 2009-05-13
• Found under: unlock, security, utilities,

Smartphone WM5torage v1.9
WM5torage v1.9
• Summary: This program will export the flash memory card inside the smartphone as usual USB Mass Storage device

• Arrived: 2009-04-29
• Found under: utilities, memory, usb, storage, card, ,

Smartphone MobiReg
• Summary: This is small registry editor which supports supports creating and editing of string, binary, DWord (32-bit), QWord (64-bit), multi-string and expandable-string data types.

• Arrived: 2009-04-24
• Found under: registry, utilities, edit,

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