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Welcome to Windows Mobile smartphone freeware downloads archive. More than 500 free smartphone software titles for Samsung, Motorola, Palm Treo, HP, i-mate or HTC Smartphone.

Free games, ringtones and utilities for Windows Mobile 6 Standard, 5.0 and 2003 phones plus bluetooh, wireless and gps software.

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Smartphone CCDialer v2.0 BETA
» CCDialer v2.0 BETA
• Summary: Tired of punching in the Calling Card Number + PIN + Contact Number. Here's the solution. The application stores the calling card numbers and your recently called long distance/international contacts....

• Arrived: 2007-02-16
• Found under: dialer, calling, card, communication, utilities,

Smartphone BLifePlugin
» BLifePlugin
• Summary: During its work Plugin gathers and aggregates the battery discharge statistics. Then it calculates the remaining work time with the current battery charge and current time of the day. The more days y...

• Arrived: 2007-02-14
• Found under: today, screen, utilities,

Smartphone CT Scheduler v1.1
» CT Scheduler v1.1
• Summary: Auto-launch of different tasks on your smartphone is very useful feature. It allows automating your repetitive and routine tasks in the most natural way. Unfortunately, standard Windows Mobile OS does...

• Arrived: 2007-02-14
• Found under: Schedule, database, utilities, alarm,

Smartphone VITO Copy Paste
» VITO Copy Paste
• Summary: System utility that greatly simplifies managing your Smartphone. CopyPaste does exactly what its name says in any editable field – edit box. Copy or cut the info from an edit box and paste it to anoth...

• Arrived: 2007-02-10
• Found under: Utilities, Enhancement, copy, paste,

Smartphone SmartTimeSync 1.1
» SmartTimeSync 1.1
• Summary: SmartTimeSync lets you adjust your Smartphone's clock with biggest possible precision - thanks to NTP Internet protocol and Atomic Time. ...

• Arrived: 2007-01-23
• Found under: time, time management, utilities,

Smartphone Export Contacts
» Export Contacts
• Summary: Everyting can happen, so it’s better to have several backups of your contacts, not only in PC outlook. Or may be you’re using Linux and can’t sycnronize your WM5 device with PC. This small freewa...

• Arrived: 2007-01-18
• Found under: contacts, exports, backup, utilities,

Smartphone SMS Voter 2.0
» SMS Voter 2.0
• Summary: SMS Voter is perfect for instant feedback via SMS for a range of activities including seminars, where to hang out with mates, Prize Draws etc... It collates votes sent from any SMS capable phone. SMS...

• Arrived: 2007-01-16
• Found under: Utilities, sms, database, manager, chat,

Smartphone Mobile AppMover 1.06
» Mobile AppMover 1.06
• Summary: MobileAppMover is a tool for moving all references from a specific directory to another directory. It will search and replace a given path in the whole registry and in every shortcut. You can use this...

• Arrived: 2007-01-14
• Found under: application, registry, utilities,

Smartphone TxtMan
» TxtMan
• Summary: TxtMan is a threaded SMS program for Windows Mobile 5.0. It sends and receives text messages (SMS) and displays the messages as a conversation, like an instant messenger client. ...

• Arrived: 2007-01-14
• Found under: sms, utilities, chat,

Smartphone oldSAP Utilities
» oldSAP Utilities
• Summary: A simple collection of smartphone utilities. Included in the cab file are: 1. HardReset.exe - A hard reset clears the RAM and returns the device to factory conditions. This implies that after a ha...

• Arrived: 2006-12-18
• Found under: utilities, reset, ,

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