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Welcome to Windows Mobile smartphone freeware downloads archive. More than 500 free smartphone software titles for Samsung, Motorola, Palm Treo, HP, i-mate or HTC Smartphone.

Free games, ringtones and utilities for Windows Mobile 6 Standard, 5.0 and 2003 phones plus bluetooh, wireless and gps software.

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Smartphone  Porta+ 15 Cells Game
Porta+ 15 Cells Game
• Summary: A Free logical (puzzle) game for Windows based (Windows Mobile, Pocket PC and/or Smartphone) handheld devices. Arrange the cells in the correct order (from 1 to 15) in order to win. ...

• Found under: puzzle, game, mind, number,

Smartphone ArithmeTick
• Summary: The objective in ArithmeTick is to solve as many addition, subtration, multiplication, and division problems as possible before time runs out. ...

• Found under: mind, puzzle, number, games,

Smartphone Kevtris v2.0
Kevtris v2.0
• Summary: Kevtris is a free falling blocks game with customizable controls, online high scores, varied gameplay modes, and is very addictive. Kevtris is a falling blocks game with nice graphics, customizable c...

• Found under: games, board, tetris, arcade, puzzle,

Smartphone exoPictureGame
• Summary: exoPictureGame is a picture puzzle game for Smartphone which displays random pictures. Use the joystick to move the image slices over the empty square, until you rebuild the original pic...

• Found under: Games, Puzzle,

Smartphone DukWite 1.0
DukWite 1.0
• Summary: DukWite is a very challenging puzzle game. Your goal is to find the exit door in each level until you finish all 12 levels. Pick up, move and file blocks (round, movable blocks) to create staircases a...

• Found under: games, puzzle,

Smartphone Tangram for SP2003
Tangram for SP2003
• Summary: Tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle game which uses 7 geometric pieces that forms a square. From these 7 puzzle pieces, several geometric shapes can be formed. All that is required is a little imagin...

• Found under: games, puzzle,

Smartphone PiecePuzzle 1.0
PiecePuzzle 1.0
• Summary: A free classic 15-piece puzzle that has an option to choose an image to make it more interesting.This is a classic 15-piece puzzle with 3 difficulty levels. Make your puzzle interesting by selecting a...

• Found under: games, puzzle,

Smartphone Scrambled 1.000
Scrambled 1.000
• Summary: classic ''15'' puzzle with your own images for the background.

• Found under: Multimedia, Puzzle, Solitaire,

Smartphone Classic puzzle 15
Classic puzzle 15
• Summary: This classic puzzle is over 100 years old. Get it free!

• Found under: classic, puzzle, games,

Smartphone 15 1.1
15 1.1
• Summary: This classic puzzle is over 100 years old. Get it FREE!

• Found under: Board, Puzzle, Other,

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