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Welcome to Windows Mobile smartphone freeware downloads archive. More than 500 free smartphone software titles for Samsung, Motorola, Palm Treo, HP, i-mate or HTC Smartphone.

Free games, ringtones and utilities for Windows Mobile 6 Standard, 5.0 and 2003 phones plus bluetooh, wireless and gps software.

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Smartphone SnakeSP 0.01
SnakeSP 0.01
• Summary: A colored snake game for SPV. Now the snake is no longer made of dots....

• Found under: games, action,

Smartphone DukWite 1.0
DukWite 1.0
• Summary: DukWite is a very challenging puzzle game. Your goal is to find the exit door in each level until you finish all 12 levels. Pick up, move and file blocks (round, movable blocks) to create staircases a...

• Found under: games, puzzle,

Smartphone NS Durak v1.0
NS Durak v1.0
• Summary: Durak is a simple Russian card game. The goal of this game is to get rid of all cards, the first who will have no cards is a winner. You can start your turn with any card and your oppone...

• Found under: Games, Card,

Smartphone SPVInvaders
• Summary: Smartphone conversion of a classic space invaders. ...

• Found under: games, action,

Smartphone Gemstone
• Summary: Play this game like you will with tetris but using gemstones and not blocks. The trial version allows you to play each game for only five minutes. Install from PC....

• Found under: games, tetris,

Smartphone xTrail Game
xTrail Game
• Summary: The object of the game is to stay "alive" as long as possible, forcing the opponent to crash along the walls or the "trails" you and your opponent create as you both move around the game board. Thi...

• Found under: games, action,

Smartphone Tangram for SP2003
Tangram for SP2003
• Summary: Tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle game which uses 7 geometric pieces that forms a square. From these 7 puzzle pieces, several geometric shapes can be formed. All that is required is a little imagin...

• Found under: games, puzzle,

Smartphone SmartPairs
• Summary: SmartPairs is a memory game developed using CF for Smartphone 2003. What is cool about SmartPairs is the use of animated images which really look cool on Smartphones. ...

• Found under: fun, games,

Smartphone DUGA
• Summary: DUGA is a MasterMind like game. This application has been written in Visual Studio .NET for only 5 hours (C# language) using .NET Framework. DUGA is Micic's first Smartphone application....

• Found under: games, cards,

Smartphone Pigs and Chickens
Pigs and Chickens
• Summary: A fast-paced solitaire dice game. Roll the dice. Decision time: Are you the cautious type? Chicken out and save the points you've got. Too bad you'll never know what you could have had... Do you fe...

• Found under: games, fun,

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