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Summary: Multifunction app that acts as botha timer and a countdown clock with alert.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone

Arrived: 2007-09-18
Found under: clock, stopwatch, counter, timer,

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Smartphone WMStopWatch freeware
WMStopWatch Description

In regular stopwatch mode WMStopWatch shows:
* the time you started counting
* the current time
* total elapsed time (running total)

With countdown mode enabled you can input any combination of hours, minutes and/or seconds. Once you start the countdown it displays the start time, the projected stop time, and the total time left. When the countdown reaches the projected stop time, you are alerted with a pop up and a tone.

Unless you stop the counter, it will continue counting. The "remaining time" display will turn into "Overage", and the tone will continue to sound every 2 seconds to alert you. Once stopped, the total time actually elapsed is displayed. (This is great if you need to know exactly how far you went over!)

The sound can be toggled on and off on the main screen so you can hush the alert at any time.

the WMStopWatch free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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WMStopWatch Comments and Reviews

Sun 7 Oct

Paul Douglas wrote...

Six of us have tried hetting StopWatch running on our phones (Moto Q). All of us can get it running on out PC's, but no one can run it on their phone. We all get an error message saying an unexpected error has occurredselect Quit and restart the program. Do you have any solutions?

4:20 pm
Thu 13 Dec

Dannie Boi wrote...

Same thing on the blackjack WM5

9:07 am
Tue 11 Mar

PCPlod wrote...

I get the same error on an HTC S710 running Windows Mobile 6...

11:25 am
Mon 14 Apr

mike wrote...

Same on SMT5800 Smartphone. Works on PC, but not on a mobile device. I wonder if ANYBODY made it work on a smartphone...

5:09 pm
Tue 13 May

Catherine wrote...

I had the identical problem. It looks GREAT on the PC, but I only want it to work on my smartphone; I don't care about the computer. Any other countdown timers out there that work?

12:29 pm
Fri 12 Dec

Francisco Villarreal wrote...


8:35 pm
Sun 21 Dec

Dave wrote...

Looks to be just what I need

11:51 pm
Mon 27 Apr

Craig wrote...

obviously this is for PPC not smartphone

4:01 pm
Sat 30 May

Ebass wrote...

Download Links does not work

9:54 pm
Tue 21 Jul

woLLWERT wrote...

thank you

9:06 am
Sun 27 Feb

Francis wrote...


12:43 pm



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