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» Windows Media player skin

• Summary: WMP11 Skin for WMP Mobile download QVGA version here download 176x220 version here...

Windows Mobile Smartphone

• Arrived: 2007-06-15
• Found under: media, player, skin, theme,

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Smartphone Windows Media player skin freeware
» Windows Media player skin Description

WMP11 Skin for WMP Mobile

download QVGA version here

download 176x220 version here

the Windows Media player skin free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download Windows Media player skin direct on your windows mobile smartphone

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» Windows Media player skin Comments and Reviews

Fri 15 Jun

c luna wrote...

cool site. im digging it

5:18 pm
Wed 20 Jun

Cristian wrote...

emmmm Como lo instalo? How i install it?

12:00 pm
Fri 22 Jun

asdds wrote...

just put the content in \Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player

8:46 am
Fri 22 Jun

Toccy wrote...

Went 2 Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player and added it,tried choosin it from Windows Media Player skin chooser but didnt work,wat do i do?

5:33 pm
Mon 25 Jun

Lorand wrote...


8:33 am
Tue 26 Jun

vijay wrote...


8:18 pm
Wed 27 Jun

Share wrote...

I Put the Application to Data\Microsoft\Media Player. In optins/designs ican't choose the file. How could i run the skin ?

2:08 am
Wed 27 Jun

Coley wrote...

Put the file in \Program Files\Windows Media Player\ then start up WMP, go to the main player window, select Menu > Options > Skins and select the file.

8:44 pm
Thu 28 Jun

Share wrote...

Thanks for your answer, but the file is not shown in the skins. Do i have to unpack the .zip file that it is a .skn file like the standard skin

1:07 am
Thu 28 Jun

Karl wrote...

I can choose the skin in the option, but then it only shows a white screen at the player what can I do please help !!!

9:01 am
Thu 28 Jun

Eric wrote...

hey how do i dl dis?? idk how to dl it. so pls tell me how to dl dis!

6:19 pm
Thu 28 Jun

Justin wrote...

how to dl dis on my cell phone on dash?

6:38 pm
Fri 29 Jun

Share wrote...

I got It run.... thx for upload

4:15 am
Sat 30 Jun

cody wrote...

how did u get it to run on the dash all ur tips dont work..

6:02 pm
Sun 1 Jul

Share wrote...

Download the file, extract it and put all the files including the pictures in \Program Files\Windows Media Player\ then start up WMP, go to the main player options, select Menu > Options > Skins then go right an select the new skin.

11:49 pm
Mon 2 Jul

cody wrote...

share..that doesnt work either i took all the files out and even put the folder in there no luck...more help!..

3:42 pm
Wed 4 Jul

Vijin Vahith KV wrote...


8:52 am
Thu 5 Jul

sammy wrote...

can any1 help me with finding skins for imate kjam.. it is a windows mobile 5 and media player 10 version

12:34 am
Thu 5 Jul

sammy wrote...

this don't work on my phone. it is not accepting the skins

12:36 am
Thu 5 Jul

Mike wrote...

People..unpack the archive and then rename the folder to 'Skins'. Copy this folder to Program Files\Windows Media Player and then go and run wmplayer.exe and go to skins. The skin is the 2nd one if you haven't installed others.

11:44 am
Fri 6 Jul

fabian wrote...


4:04 am
Sat 7 Jul

Doughnuts wrote...

This still isnt working for me is there any chance that someone had sucess using this skin on a Motorola Q.

8:58 pm
Tue 10 Jul

ahmed wrote...

hey i stil cant get the skin in option to change not even tht i cant find the folder Program Files\Windows Media Player there is no WMP folder in prog file and i hav to save it to storage or MMC help me out i want to get new skin

1:38 am
Sat 14 Jul

MrRob wrote...

"just put the content in \Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player" This works but you have to be sure the Thumbs.db file gets copied. If your PC is set to hide systems files, it might not get copied.

10:54 am
Tue 17 Jul

Doughnuts wrote...

Do you know how set your PC so i doesn't hide system files?

9:54 pm
Tue 17 Jul

Doughnuts wrote...

Nvm i found out how to show hidden files easily after searching in "Help and Support"...thx MrRob for all your help.

10:02 pm
Tue 17 Jul

Doughnuts wrote...

Even thought I found all the hidden files I still can't get this thing to work!! >:(

10:08 pm
Thu 19 Jul

Abhinav wrote...

Hey guys, i tried keeping the files in application data/microsoft/media player & program files/media player, but didnt work.. How can i install the skin?

9:19 am
Sat 21 Jul

cody wrote...

hey i noticed that this wont work with the tmobile dash,q,or any landscape phone. this is a non lanscape skin...

3:48 pm
Wed 25 Jul

wapysun wrote...

very good ,im chinese,nail:+

6:04 am
Sat 28 Jul

sulloen wrote...

super easy install once its unzipped. my vx6700 took a new file named "skins" within my mediaplayer file and i simply chose that from options in the player. nice, clean skin

11:43 pm
Sun 29 Jul

ryan wrote...

very good skin!!! thankZ!!

2:07 am
Sun 29 Jul

Toddy wrote...

Extract the files to: \Program Files\Windows Media Player If the QVGA version does not work, try the 176x220 version.

5:53 am
Tue 31 Jul

sangoblabel wrote...


3:44 pm
Mon 20 Aug

lolipop wrote...

THX SO MUCH>>!!!! IT WORK LIKE CHARM>>>!!!!!!!!WOHOOOOOOOOOO>>>>>>!!!!!!!!! u dll those 2 file.. the other 1 name wmp11-qv bla bla bla...u open the file....u will see the wmp11....cut it and put it inside aplicaton/mic/wmp/ then paste...with the wmp11-176x220 bla bla...then... go to opton skin previos... CAAAAAAAA>>>>!!!!!!

2:27 am
Wed 29 Aug

wjohns wrote...

when some 1 get it to work 4 a moto q let me know

2:31 pm
Sun 16 Sep

ali_LoveSP wrote...

It is a nice work, also thanks to others for they help to install it.

5:42 am
Mon 8 Oct

Marquain Jones wrote...

The world would be better if you could get rid of pop ups.

6:41 pm
Thu 1 Nov

Harry wrote...

How can i install the skin i have tried everything.I have an imate sp3i...Please help........

12:36 pm
Sun 4 Nov

curiel wrote...

alguien aki ke me explique en espaρol, weno entendi un poco de lo ke dijeron, pero no reconoce el reproductor el skin (aki llamado mascara), y x favor alguien ke me ayude (helpme please in spanish) lei una parte en ke decian ke ya lo habian logrado pero no comprendi sus modismos...

7:09 pm
Tue 13 Nov

Ryan wrote...

this program does not work ive been following ppl's instructions for a week now. ive downloaded and redownloaded and saved in different locations. it does not work. i have the htc s621

10:12 am
Sat 17 Nov

naldo wrote...


7:08 am
Sat 17 Nov

naldo wrote...

this program does not work ive been following ppl's instructions for a week now. ive downloaded and redownloaded and saved in different locations. it does not work. i have the i321-n

9:20 am
Mon 19 Nov

stephon wrote...

i have a treo 700wx by sprint how do i get it to work some 1 pleez tell me

10:27 am
Mon 17 Dec

albanian pimp wrote...


5:28 pm
Mon 24 Dec

Dan T. wrote...

I'm trying to make this skin work for my BlackJack but I've noticed some problems. 1.) All files should go to the "Windows" folder 2.) A new .skn file should go in -> Device\Program Files\ Windows Media Player 3.) This .skn should say "20#\windows\WMP11.skn" when opened in the notepad I have failed to get this skin working but the more I work at it the more I'm understanding how things work. I hope to get this to you all by the holidays.

7:12 am
Thu 27 Dec

Dan T. wrote...

OK EVERYONE I GOT IT TO WORK! The easiest was to do it is to download the pocketpc version: 1.) to be on the safe side just download all the files to the "Windows" folder on your phone 2.) open notepad and type "20#\windows\WMP11 - Landscape.skn" click save and name it WMP11.skn 3.) move WMP11.skn to Program Files\Windows Media Player 4.) Open up WMP and enjoy the new skin!

12:29 pm
Sat 29 Dec

mohsensemsarpour wrote...

everytihg is OK

4:12 pm
Tue 1 Jan

peppe wrote...


12:48 pm
Fri 11 Jan

rodiejack wrote...

that didn't work for treo 700wx

6:59 pm
Fri 11 Jan

rodiejack wrote...

Heheh I copied just the files to my windows folder and not the folder itself... copied the folder to \Program Files\Windows Media Player\ ... and now it works... great hack! let's see if we can get all the other skins that don't work working...

7:04 pm
Wed 16 Jan

harsha wrote...

beautiful... works wonderful for me... thanks

8:12 pm
Thu 21 Feb

syber_kowboy wrote...

Use the link Dan T suggests. Seems the above link does not actually support landscape. Copy all the files from the archive to Mobile Device>Program Files>Window Media Player. That's it. Then goto options in Media Player and select the skin. Works with Blackjacks, Treo (windows), Q etc.

7:29 pm
Sun 24 Feb

jonathan wrote...

im lookin wmp skins for t-mobile my t-mobile DASH CAN SOME 1 PLEASE HELP ME

11:46 pm
Mon 10 Mar

Coach wrote...

works great on my htc mogul, just d-load to main memory then extract to program files and it's magic in the air

3:15 am
Thu 1 May

Adam wrote...

I'm using old O2 Xphone llm, got to use the 176X220 version and dump it into program files/ windows media player, that's all

1:23 am
Mon 19 May

DARRYL wrote...

im tryna downloadit to my htc mogul but can't seem to find it in my file explorer

1:06 pm
Sat 24 May

Asad wrote...

It WOrks ! thanks ! it really easy though = )

4:39 am
Wed 28 May

Jayo wrote...

If its a .cab file you must install it.. not just add it to your phone

11:26 am
Sat 31 May

poppy wrote...

Put all the files in \Program Files\Windows Media Player\. soft reset, then start up WMP, go to the main player window, select Menu > Options > Skins and select the file.

1:44 pm
Mon 2 Jun

chikoo wrote...

wow what a nice thmeme i like it thanks

3:14 pm
Fri 6 Jun

zee.r wrote...

come on know guys dont be so duuurr..if it doesnt work for urs then obviously u have a land scape screen. the skn is for potrait

5:34 pm
Fri 13 Jun

juve wrote...

i have the motoQ device and i been having all this problems mentioned here trying to install the skin, until i found this cab file on this website just download it & install it and in a second you'll have the skin.

9:58 pm
Mon 14 Jul

mark durham wrote...

very good

4:08 pm
Sat 30 Aug

Huntley wrote...


8:28 pm
Thu 4 Sep

Jake wrote...

LOOK HERE!!!! TO INSTALL: on your computer open up 2 my computer screens, one in your phone under program files>windows media player, and the other one on the folder of the skin you just downloaded to your computer. drag the whole folder over to inside the wmp mobile. That should do it!

9:31 pm
Sun 21 Sep

Lynne wrote...

This skin simply does not work on Motorola Q's. That's it. I tried another skin and got it to work after a soft reset. Not this one, though.

5:19 pm
Mon 13 Oct

mrsr wrote...


3:48 am
Fri 7 Nov

sgh-i617 wrote...

i tried everything.... this skin doesnt work... pitty.... i liked it.. =/

8:33 pm
Sat 13 Dec

barry wrote...

dis run on WMP 10 for PPC ?

11:55 am
Tue 20 Jan

gopivista wrote...

Great post for past one year i am searching this WMP 11 Skin. Thank you very much!!!

12:37 pm
Sun 22 Feb

Ztrackrunner wrote...

Go here... This website will open right up to a download. Download the file save the file to application data to microsoft to media player and then you can search in the windows media player under skins. The file will pop up when you push the right cursor button.

7:57 pm
Tue 10 Mar

Jeralyn wrote...

I have an HTC Fuze and here is how I got this to work: first, make a new folder in Program Files and name it "Skins". Unpack the zip anywhere (temp folder on your desktop - pc - is good) and then inside the Skins folder, make a folder with the name of the new skin. Copy all files to the new folder. Rename the .skn files to whatever the skin name is. Example: My Lost Blog (portrait).skn...My Lost Blog (landscape).skn Then, open media player choose a song, play then choose options>skins...and should find the new folder with the new skin. Do this for EVERY new skin. Create the folder WITHIN the Skins folder and copy all files. Feel free to email me if any of this is unclear :-)

6:37 pm
Tue 10 Mar

Jeralyn wrote... address is jeralyn(dot)merideth(at)gmail(dot)com

6:40 pm
Wed 18 Mar

Jonathan wrote...

damn nice site

7:15 pm
Tue 31 Mar

jonothan wrote...

I did all the stuff and clicked on the background on skins anditjust went black

9:25 pm
Mon 6 Apr

michael wrote...

I am reporting this to google you idiot: Avast reports trojan horse on this site.\unp165087981 VBS:Malware-gen

11:01 pm
Mon 20 Jul

brandon wrote...

how do i install it?

3:13 am
Thu 8 Oct

iphone skins wrote...

I changed my laptop skin but now me want something different.. can you please suggest me any unique skin??

5:57 am
Wed 16 Dec

nate wrote...

works fine I like for those who are not getting this don't forget to hit the all files not the "selected file only" button. when extracting the files. that's wat got me stuck. ά

9:41 pm
Sat 9 Jan

Kurokamisama wrote...

Doesnt Fit properly for moto q i got it to work but resolution for graphics isnt right. would need to redo the images for the right size. moto q needs 320x240.

2:43 pm
Mon 22 Feb

mohamed irfan wrote...

i need this software soon

12:13 pm
Fri 12 Mar

Robert Mendez wrote...

WMVHD/media player downloads for blackberry 8330 Curve smartphone.

1:49 am
Sun 16 May

sooraj wrote...

very nice site

11:44 am
Thu 15 Jul

zocc wrote...

Just unzip and copy the whole folder to your memory card in root folder than start the WM player and choose in skins. Try it, it works ;)

3:34 pm
Sun 12 Sep

s.sohan4u wrote...

Shir. wm6.pocketpc Windows Media player skin free trail

8:14 am
Tue 28 Sep

desmond wrote...

samsung blackjack window media player

1:30 am
Mon 18 Oct

ashitsutradhar wrote...


4:58 am
Sat 8 Jan

AleXZ wrote...

of course it doesn't work if it's portrait skin and u have a landscape screen, u need landscape skin yf you got an landscape screen

12:56 pm
Sat 19 Feb

nelson brito wrote...

otimo produts.

3:20 pm
Thu 7 Jul

dhiraj wrote...

the skin is cool&it really works allu have to do is when u zip the file jUst in the menu clik on extract &save it to the memory u wish that it

12:10 pm
Sat 30 Jul

Gian wrote...

can u make a video tutorial bec i dont know what will i do

6:04 am
Sat 30 Jul

Gian wrote...

and another one if this wmp11 is compatible with my samsung b7330? please help me !!

6:08 am
Sun 21 Aug

jarod wrote...

DOES NOT WORK ON LADSCAPE PHONES SUCH AS THE HTC TP2. anyone know of any good landscape skins? bored with default (lame). also, if anyone knows how to stream live radio with openwebradio please hook me up with some sweet metal links!:)

4:25 am
Thu 3 Nov

toms wrote...


1:06 pm
Wed 8 Feb

M .ponsankar wrote...

nokia e72

1:49 am
Tue 24 Jul

Mohamed wrote...

Thanx bro this worked! open the zipp file and take all the files in the WMP11 map cut it and go open device/programfiles/WindowsMediaPlayer and paste it there open Windows Media Player and go to options and then to skins and it says searching for skins you then press next and press ok right up it works!!!!

7:14 am
Wed 29 Aug

Prime wrote...

andy: Yea a bit expensive.. :)Hongkiat: eh but but that's not the real tits ma :pNeo: Eh, i m not hasmup, u hasmup.. i see that as art lo.. muahahahasin: er.. abit le.. but i like it leh.. so, pain 1 time lo :)mimid3vils: Thanks :)belle: Okay, go read the latest post then :)jason: Blek! I like it ah

12:31 am
Thu 30 Aug

Wiktoria wrote...

cleaners do both. And no mattre how much we try to clean our face and prevnet gunk, it'll come back do you have an oily face? Just asking. If you do it's good to use an astringent. It's really strong, but it works.

3:04 am
Fri 26 Oct

Pinoquio wrote...

Oooooohh my god penis please bolas de aca

1:23 pm



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