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» Star EnForcer

• Summary: This little utility will automatically detect if the SIM card of a smartphone or pocket pc was replaced. Star EnForcer will automatically send a SMS message to a previously specified phone number con...

Windows Mobile 2003 / 5 Smartphone

• Arrived: 2007-05-30
• Found under: security, communications, alert,

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Smartphone Star EnForcer freeware
» Star EnForcer Description

This little utility will automatically detect if the SIM card of a smartphone or pocket pc was replaced. Star EnForcer will automatically send a SMS message to a previously specified phone number containing the new SIM IMSI and current location in hexa LAC-CID combination. The message will repeat every 30 minutes.

How does it work:

- install the CAB in the phone/ppc memory (not the storage card). Make sure that you have installed it in \Program Files\SEF
- launch SEF - initially there is no password so press OK. Press Get IMSI. If a long number will appear then it means that the application is compatible with your smartdevice. Mostly C600 - based models should work, C500, Wizard PPCs etc
- input the phone number that you want to use in case your smartdevice is stolen (use a parent's mobile phone, a friend's etc)
- input a password
- press save
- press activate

Now... in case someone steals your phone the first thing they will do is to (obviously) replace the SIM. SEF will automatically detect that the SIM has been replaced by comparing IMSI information. After 30 minutes SEF will automatically send a SMS to the predefined phone number that will include the current SIM's IMSI and the current GSM location (LAC-CID combination in hexa). With the first information and the fact that you will clearly see the thief's phone number you can go to the network operator or the police. If the thief is using a SIM with a subscription he is nailed. If he is using a prepay SIM then at least you will draw comfort from the fact that the credit from that SIM will be drained in a few days because the fact that SEF will automatically repeat the message every 30 minutes (you will also be able to track the thief).

the Star EnForcer free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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» Star EnForcer Comments and Reviews

Wed 30 May

Tom B. wrote...

This worked great with my cingular 3125, but would bot work with my BlackJack. Pretty cool though.

6:38 pm
Sun 3 Jun

Tobi S. wrote...

Unfortunately it doesn't work with the HTC MTeoR. Nevertheless good idea to write a free tool for that purpose.

7:59 am
Mon 18 Jun

dancam wrote...

best thing ever

1:05 am
Thu 21 Jun

herman wrote...

It's a great idea. However, if, I have 2 SIM cards & often change one to another into my device. How could I disable the automatic-SMS-sender feature? If it could not be disabled, then it would be painful for my walet. Thanks.

11:49 pm
Tue 26 Jun

JohnF wrote...

Loaded easily onto QTEK8500. Hopefully won't find out how good it is at tracking when stolen. But I will try it by borrowing a SIM. Like Herman I have a second SIM for holidays, is it a case of resetting SEF? Brilliant!

3:54 am
Tue 21 Aug

Michael Mc Lardy wrote...

Install with no problem on Samsung SGH-i600 but SEF will not detect the IMSI (SIM NO.) or the location for setup, there is also no way to manually enter the sim number. Great Idea - But not for the Samsung Phones :-(

12:00 am
Fri 12 Oct

NIckson wrote...

Does this application works with samsung i600.Its a long tym to get IMSI.Is ther is anyway i can find out the IMSI and keyin manually.If it works i will be glad.THanks

12:30 am
Sun 21 Oct

p_shah wrote...


10:33 pm
Sun 18 Nov

Pravin wrote...

it is working fine with HTC touch

8:50 am
Sun 25 Nov

Bobs wrote...

Did not work with iMate SP3! After initializing the app, got DirectoryNotFound exception ... any workaround required?

10:49 pm
Fri 8 Feb

kevin wrote...

it installed on to my blackjack 2 however it freezes overtime I attempt to get the imsi number causing me to pull the battery out of my phone... im guessing this does not work with windows mobile 6 can anyone let me know if there is another version released here is my email i would really appreciate any ideas.... or if there is just a way to cure the problem thanks!!

12:18 pm
Sat 14 Jun

Spitfire wrote...

Works like a charm on my Orange SPV C100 WM% Smartphone. Only thing is that I also have two sim cards anit would be great it future versions of this wonderful app had the ability to recognise more than one sim card.

4:59 am
Fri 8 Aug

rajvinu wrote...

this is best

5:29 pm
Tue 19 Aug

nilesh wrote...

not working with o2 mini xda

8:30 am
Tue 19 Aug

nilesh wrote...

not working with o2 mini xda

8:43 am
Mon 29 Sep

edgar wrote...

Nice aplication

1:24 pm
Tue 7 Oct

Hussain Naeem wrote...


4:04 am
Thu 2 Sep

Nura wrote...

very nice idea!

3:45 pm
Wed 29 Aug

Olufowobi wrote...

That's correct, they can also go on an A330 as well, augholth they're part of the PW4000 series they are allο»Ώ different engines, but sound quite similar in comparison (to my limited knowledge) to engines by other manufacturers like General Electric and Rolls Royce.

7:13 pm



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