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» SportyPal

• Summary: It uses the GPS in the phone to track speed, distance, calories burned, elevation during an activity (running, cycling, hiking, rollerblading, skiing, walking… )

Windows Mobile Smartphone
GPS unit

• Arrived: 2010-03-23
• Found under: sport, track, GPS,

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Smartphone SportyPal freeware
» SportyPal Description

SportyPal is an easy to use intuitive application for your mobile phone. You activate it when you start your running, cycling, walking, rollerblading or similar exercise. In two simple clicks it will start to log and map your position, movement, distance, tempo and calories burned. It will not affect normal operation of your mobile phone, so you can still listen to music, receive and initiate calls and messages. When you finish exercising, the collected performance information will be stored on your mobile. Later you can review it, compare it with other exercises or check your best performance achievements. SportyPal will present each exercise in a map view, draw elegant graphics charts of your performance or present summarized information. SportyPal is intuitively designed to assist you improve your performance in running, cycling, blading, walking, skiing or other workouts involving similar activities. The real brilliance of SportyPal comes with the web integration. You have a possibility to upload your workouts on the internet with a simple click of a button on your mobile phone. Registering to SportyPal web application will enable you to have instant access to your workouts performance and maps from anywhere. The web application provides additional functionality for analysis of your fitness workouts. You can also share your exercises with your friends, comment on their performance or organize virtual competitions.

the SportyPal free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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» SportyPal Comments and Reviews

Wed 18 Nov

camilo sanchez wrote...

very good

8:24 pm
Sun 10 Jan

Trevear Penrose wrote...

My smartphone won't accept the digital signature so will not allow to run. What is the solution?

4:34 am
Sun 14 Feb

rmaloney corp wrote...

very good

2:25 pm
Tue 23 Feb

enrique wrote...

dont work in my htc snap, stays connectng gps

6:56 pm
Sat 6 Mar

Rojackjr wrote...

the "snap" or "dash - 3g" has a time out feature on the gps so results with software are giving erroneous course-distance-pace data.

4:00 pm
Fri 19 Mar

Quincy wrote...

Good stuff! It tracks a lot of info on you and allows you to go online and interact with your statistics. You can also locate other users in your area if you're looking for workout buddies. You can get a satellite snapshot of where you walked, jogged, or biked. It's a great app to be free.

9:11 pm
Mon 31 May

Stuart wrote...

I have just taken up mountain biking with my partner and have both installed this software on our smartphones. The sportypal shows speed, distance covered, top speed, average speed, calories burned, altitude variance and also gives map positioning and the final travelled route. Once your journey is complete, you can upload your data and track it via the website and share the info with yr mates. My partner also used the application whilst mowing the lawn the other day and walked an astonishing 1.18miles. In my opinion "This software is fantastic!!!"

4:06 am
Wed 30 Jun

m. S. Vasanth. wrote...


1:56 am
Tue 21 Jun

vgfeit wrote...

Wish it was compatible with WM2003 240x240 display... :( Best application ever between sport and technology

4:02 pm
Mon 26 Sep

Klondike wrote...

Alakazaam-information found, prlobem solved, thanks!

7:12 am
Tue 1 Nov

kiran kumar wrote...


12:25 am
Tue 13 Dec

Jaundalynn wrote...

Oh yeah, fabuouls stuff there you!

11:32 pm
Sat 29 Sep

Masjid wrote...

I'm with SidWhen I had my Treo's/Centro I couldn't imgaing not having a physical qwerty keyboard, but in a year with the iPhone I haven't really missed it, and have benefited from a much bigger screen. As usual though, it's horses for courses, and I rarely do any prolonged keyboard entry on the iPhone, so it suits me fine.

12:51 pm



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