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SmartToolkit v1.00 RC05

Summary: SmartToolkit is all in one Windows Mobile Smartphone's tools application, with a lot of features like Start Menu, Clipboard, Plugins, My Schedules, and others usefull features.

Windows Mobile Smartphone (versions 2003, 2003SE, 5, 6)

Arrived: 2007-10-15
Found under: Utilities, Enhancement, SmartToolKit, launcher, copy, paste, keypad, clipboard, schedules, alarm, auto keylock, screen saver,

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Smartphone SmartToolkit v1.00 RC05 freeware
SmartToolkit v1.00 RC05 Description

SmartToolkit is all in one Windows Mobile Smartphone's tools application, with a lot of features like Start Menu, Clipboard, Plugins, My Schedules, and others usefull features.

With it's rewrited code SmartToolkit performing dramatically fast in performance and stability of the program.

I think anything in this version is new! User interfaceS. NEW features. NEW performance. more easy to use.

More customizable. also support skin and multi language. multi animation. remap the hotkey. auto keylock with various screen saver. new plugins and the plugin can be developed with only text editor. also language files easy to edit oh and also newest feature is schedules. desk bar . desk menu. new clipboard functions new double press. new explorer menu now is like windows vista. explorer support numeric, navigate, and search mode.

just download and have a nice try.

the SmartToolkit v1.00 RC05 free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download SmartToolkit v1.00 RC05 direct on your windows mobile smartphone

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SmartToolkit 1.00-RC07 NEW

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SmartToolkit v1.00 RC05 Comments and Reviews

Mon 15 Oct

Brent wrote...

Awesome! Thank you so much!

3:05 pm
Wed 17 Oct

mahesh wrote...

it's very good softwares

12:27 am
Wed 17 Oct

ahmed wrote...


2:48 am
Wed 17 Oct

Denis wrote...

Really cool ! Thanks a lot to the developpers.

1:07 pm
Wed 17 Oct

anurag singh wrote...


11:47 pm
Fri 19 Oct

redia wrote...

this is AWESOME!!!!! you guys are such a genius!

10:39 am
Fri 19 Oct

oluseye wrote...

Does not work on t-mobile bad

4:35 pm
Sat 20 Oct

dannie wrote...

using this on my blackjack. it's perfect! thank you! windows mobile should have had this functionality built in

8:54 am
Sun 21 Oct

kamilkumar wrote...

ok it nice ooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

6:59 am
Sun 21 Oct

Nikko wrote...

Works Great on my Samsung Blackjack

3:16 pm
Sun 21 Oct

Brian wrote...

Crashes my Motorola Q after a few minutes. I like its functionality, but it just isn't stable on the Q. Maybe one day...

7:17 pm
Sun 21 Oct

thesidb wrote...

How do I unlock my keypad now? Using on the 2125 and the Cancel* combination does not work. Help!

9:14 pm
Mon 22 Oct

jabiraliasharaf wrote...

god & god

7:12 am
Thu 25 Oct

josh wrote...

i love u!!

9:00 am
Fri 26 Oct

Guzz wrote...

Hi, Can someone send me the SmartToolkit v1.00 RC05 application? The website is down. Thanx anyways.

5:39 am
Fri 26 Oct

Guzz wrote...

To that is.....

5:41 am
Fri 26 Oct

Thim wrote...

COOL !!!

12:26 pm
Sun 28 Oct

jaquan wrote...

can someone please send me the app.

3:15 pm
Mon 29 Oct

Rizwan wrote...

g8 sw

9:23 am
Tue 30 Oct

Antone wrote...

can someone please send me the app.

9:29 am
Tue 30 Oct

rich wrote...

T-mobile Dash here. I installed this Toolkit yesterday and have been "playing" with it ever since with NO PROBLEMS! It looks/acts so cool - kind of like having a Vista interface on my phone. I downloaded directly using the .mobi link above and all installed smoothly.

12:02 pm
Wed 31 Oct

Jerson wrote...

i love this phone...

3:37 pm
Wed 31 Oct

mono wrote...

does it work on a mpx220?

6:35 pm
Thu 1 Nov

Jaquan wrote...

I downloaded the app. but for some reason everything is in my phone except the exe. file that I need to install the software!! Any ideas why? I have the Blackjack 1 with wm6.

5:38 pm
Fri 2 Nov

wickedcoma wrote...

I have a WM6 T-Mobile Dash, and used the previous version of this app with no problem. This one installs and loads fine, but this version randomly locks up my phone. I have to pull the battery from the phone in order to restart once this happens. I have reverted to the previous version until a more stable release is offered.

5:27 am
Sat 3 Nov

Phil wrote...

I love the functionality and look of this app, but it is very unstable on the Q with WMB 5.0. Shame...hopefully a later release will be better.

9:49 am
Sat 3 Nov

Daniel wrote...

Does not appear to install completely on ppc6800

9:35 pm
Sun 4 Nov

Aj at one wrote...

NOT A GOOD IDEA WITH A Q .. Crashes everytime or something funky happens. FIX THIS

3:08 pm
Sun 4 Nov

Leonna wrote...

This is exactly what I've been looking for. Thank you so much!

9:38 pm
Tue 6 Nov

slavi wrote...


9:19 am
Wed 7 Nov

aladin wrote...

thank for that

10:48 am
Fri 9 Nov

i-boy wrote...

That's pretty cool but have bug with T-Mobile SDA (HTC Tornado): - After receive a call (in screen saver mode), the screen halt (but can receive another call)

3:14 am
Sat 24 Nov

sunny wrote...

pparently this does not stk RC 8does not work for touch screen 6.0 windows like the 8525 etc.. do you have a release for this some time soon

5:52 am
Tue 4 Dec

dkutlesa wrote...


6:42 am
Fri 7 Dec

arabic user samsung 600i wrote...

Thanks so much, each day these software make me a big lover for i600, Your toolkit is realy what i have miss from my old palm, i hope i can find email and SMS grouping in MW,

3:34 pm
Wed 12 Dec

maria virginia wrote...

esta muy bueno

5:42 pm
Sat 16 Feb

FurnicK wrote...

Can some one send med the SmartToolKit? The link dosent work :(

5:05 pm
Thu 6 Mar

wael wrote...

good software make me feel likepc

1:36 pm
Wed 26 Mar

daniel wrote...

molto molto buono

5:57 pm
Mon 14 Apr

deri simon wrote...


4:23 am
Tue 22 Apr

NEMESIS wrote...

does it work on a motorola mpx-220

4:54 am
Tue 27 May

selo wrote...


4:39 pm
Wed 18 Jun

aryana budi wrote...


6:31 am
Sat 19 Jul

luis wrote...

incredible, thanks!!

5:58 am
Thu 28 Aug

Dylan wrote...

Does it work on the motorola Q9h ?

5:40 am
Thu 4 Sep

Teresa wrote...

I need someone to send me the software for this application at my email please- I can't get the download link to work. I've tried it several times. Thanks

9:24 pm
Mon 27 Oct

Hamid wrote...

it's very good softwares

11:29 am
Fri 14 Nov

brad wrote...

did not work properly on my Moto Q 8m. Locked up. I'm not sure this is designed for my phone, so take my comment for what its worth. looked good though!

10:27 pm
Mon 17 Nov

Sue Stone wrote...

can't wait to try it

1:01 pm
Fri 9 Apr

angel wrote...

cant wait to use it..

4:35 am
Fri 21 May

Juma wrote...

This software is good for windows mobile.

8:01 am
Thu 24 Jun

Michael1030 wrote...

Havent tried it yet

4:24 am
Wed 2 Nov

Kaycee wrote...

Just do me a favor and keep writing such trencnhat analyses, OK?

3:22 am
Sat 1 Sep

Pascal wrote...

just got MINE so bad ass mayne! I had the sickick 4g but ..CAMERA i did not like..and this is fast..and clear as hell!! 1080p..its like a TV phone lol

12:50 am



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