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SmartToolkit v0.0.1 Alpha 4

Summary: SmartToolkit is an application for Windows Mobile Smartphones. It adds new functions such as text editing and resolves limitations with resources as well as provides interface improvements! ...

  • Windows Mobile Smartphones
  • QQVGA (176x220) / QVGA (240x320) / Landscape (320x240)

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Smartphone SmartToolkit v0.0.1 Alpha 4 freeware
SmartToolkit v0.0.1 Alpha 4 Description

SmartToolkit is an application for Windows Mobile Smartphones. It adds new functions such as text editing and resolves limitations with resources as well as provides interface improvements!

- Start Menu.
- Auto Keylock.
- Navigation Function.
- Clipboard Functions - Copy, Cut, Paste, Undo, Redo, etc.
- Task Manager, Process Manager & Task Tools.
- Clean WM6 User Interface & Animation.
- Memory Friendly.
- 2P: Double Press.
- Plugins: Resource Information, Volume Control, Clock.

How To Use.
On Normal State:
- Home Key: Show The Mainbar.
- End/Red Key: Show Clipboard Toolbar.

On SmartToolkit's Functions:
- Back Key: Close current function and activate parent function.
- End/Red Key: Close current function and parent function.
- Home Key: Show Homescreen.

On Mainbar:
- Right Softkey: Show Task Menu.
- Left Softkey: Show Start Menu.
- Action Key: Show Resources Plugin.
- Up & Down Key: Change Volume and Show Volume Plugin.
- Left Key: Show Clock Plugin.
- Right Key: Show About Plugin.
- Others Key: Close Mainbar.

On Start Menu:
- Up & Down: Change selected menu item.
- Left Key: Jump into quicklaunch or change quicklaunch selected item.
- Right Key: Activate selected menu item or change quicklaunch selected item.
- Action Key: Activate selected menu item or quicklaunch selected item.
- Left Softkey & Back Key: Close Start Menu.

On Plugins:
- Up, Down, Left, Right & Action Key: Plugins access keys.
- Left & Right Softkey: Show previous or next plugin.

On Task Menu:
- Up, Down: Change Task Menu selected items.
- Left, Right: Change Task Menu selected tools.
- Action Key: Activate Task Menu selected action.

On Toolbar:
- #1 - #7: Select Toolbar items.
- Left Softkey: Select mark text.
- Right Softkey: Select more item.
- Left & Right Key: Change Toolbar selected item.
- Action Key: Activate Toolbar selected item.

Drive Your Text With 2P:

  • What is 2P?
    2P is short for Double Press. 2P is an innovative mobile phone typing method to resolve the smartphone limitation in typing.
  • Why it's better?
    2P uses 2 keys on typing rather than holding and multiple presses to enter more characters than the 10 on the keypad. It will boost your typing speed on the numeric keypad.
  • How do you type using 2P?
    Simply press the first key which holds the letter you want, then the number which corresponds to the location for the letter (second key). Example: If you want to type "A" simply press 2 then 1, "V" press 8 then 3. If you want to enter numbers, simply press 0 then the number you wish (to type "3" press 0 then 3).
  • How do you Activate 2P on SmartToolkit?
    Press End Key (Red), then switch functions with the Talk Key (Green) then select Double Press in popup menu. Look at the Tray! If the icon shows "2P," you are ready to use 2P.
  • How About Letter Case & Special Character?
    You can change the case with (*) key, the tray icon will notify you which state is in use (2p = lowercase, 2P uppercase). (#) for space and many special characters are mapped on key 1 (1 then 2, 1 then 3). Switching to uppercase allows for the use of even more special characters.

For more information and how to resolve the problems, just visit the author's website.

Update Description:
v0.0.1 Alpha 4:
- New Start Menu.
- QuickLaunch.
- Add Storage & Storage Card Explorer Menu.
- Add Right Menu in Explorer Menu (trial).
- Add pin to quicklaunch in Right explorer menu.
- Replacing System Start Menu not need to reboot the phone.
- Add fahrenheit temperature (configurable).
- Add Font-Size configuration.
- Hibernate now free more memory than before.
- Homescreen slowdown has been fixed.

the SmartToolkit v0.0.1 Alpha 4 free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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Made by: Ahmad Amarullah

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