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SmartToolkit 1.00-RC09

Summary: SmartToolkit adds some sweet functions to your device, as well as a beautiful interface.

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Found under: Utilities, Enhancement, menu, today screen, alarm, keylock,

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Smartphone SmartToolkit 1.00-RC09 freeware
SmartToolkit 1.00-RC09 Description

SmartToolkit adds some sweet functions to your device, as well as a beautiful interface.

A new Start Menu, which is more XP / Vista like is added, as well as a Clipboard function that allows you to Cut/Copy/Paste, activate 2P (Double Press) functionality as well as using the numeric keypad to navigate (acting like your D-Pad).

A automatic keylock is included, with a great screensaver function that allows you to display analog clock or digital clock when the keys are locked. Also possible are shortcuts to STK functions (but also any program), which can be defined within the STK settings.

The biggest update of SmartToolkit Interface with SmartToolkit RC07.

RC07 Release is User Interface base release, this release is the first SmartToolkit version which support the full skinning. Read the Skin Development Manual for more information about how to create your own SmartToolkit Skins.

Release File Type: CAB Installer
Release File Packages:
1. SmartToolkit Main Program
2. White Phone (Skins)
3. Lowercase-English for RC07 (Languages)
4. Crystal Clear (Icon Set)
5. Sample Plugin (Plugins)
6. SmartToolkit Manual (Documentations)
7. Changelog (Documentations)
8. Language Development Note (Documentations)
9. Plugins Development Manual (Documentations)
10.Skins Development Manual (Documentations)

How to Install:
Copy file into your phone, and run the to Install the SmartToolkit RC07.

How to use the SmartToolkit:
There is high quality SmartToolkit manual in forums, you can download it about 5MB. Or ead the phone HTML version in Start Menu -> SmartToolkit -> SmartToolkit Manual

SmartToolkit has been released in version RC09 with engine CORE-1. Because new engine (CORE-2) still under development routine, we cant release it yet.

Feature Update 1. Add System Global Skinning 2. Recode the Keylock and Screen Saver

New feature "System Global Skinning" is planned to release with CORE-2, but current CORE-2 is still 60% into complete, it need so much time to finish. So we add the feature into CORE-1 based code, and released now.

System Global Skinning only available for WM5 and WM6, we still not found any API in WM2003 that support for it.

Requirements for Global Skinning
For unlocked phone, you can download any build and run it without problem, but for locked phone, you must choice the right build or you will not be able to use the System Global Skinning.

You may download the "e-Natives Technology Root Certificate" and install it on your phone then download the "RC09 with e-Natives Technology Signing" build. You will be able to download the certificate in our download section.

You may download the "TEST USE ONLY - Sample Unprivileged Root for Windows Mobile SDK" and install it on your phone then download the "RC09 with Windows Mobile SDK Signing" build. You will be able to download the certificate in Microsoft Windows Mobile Developer website or another Windows Mobile community website, just try to googling by your self, or may be others people who more advance can help you in our website forum.

For more info read the Change Log in SmartToolkit manual after you install it.

the SmartToolkit 1.00-RC09 free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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More versions:
SmartToolkit 1.00-RC07

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