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Summary: Lost your phone? It has been stolen? Worried about one of your family members?

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2008-11-17
Found under: lost, tracking, steal, protection, security,

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Smartphone SmartPhoneTracker freeware
SmartPhoneTracker Description

v1.2.0.4 BETA

Lost your phone? It has been stolen? Worried about one of your family members?

- Send SMS with a predefine code to the lost/stolen phone or your family member that have SmartphoneTracker installed.
- SmartphoneTracker then wakes up connect to the GPS and receives current coordinate.These coordinates are the formatted to Google Maps format and send by email and/or SMS back to you.

Sample Email:,73.985628+W&ie=UTF8&spn=0.006,0.009978&t=h&z=17 Sat:4,Precision:5.9,Alt:45,Speed:0


* Remote operation by SMS Code
* Send location by SMS/Email
* Background Mode
* Google, Yahoo and WindowsLive Maps format support
* SIM replacement detection and notification

User Manual

Basic Setup

After installing the Smartphone Tracker:

In the "Main View":

1. Make sure the "Enable Tracking" is check.
2. Define your "SMS Code". When an SMS containing the code is received, SmartphoneTracker wakes up and send the GPS coordinates.
3. Check the "Email" checkbox to receive GPS Coordinates by email. Choose the email account and fill the "Address". The email with the coordinates will be sent to this email address using the chosen email account.
4. Check the "SMS" checkbox to receive GPS Coordinates by SMS. The SMS will be send to phone "Number". A notification of SIM Card change will be also send to this phone number.
5. Press "Menu -> Save Changes".
At this point Smartphone Tracker is set and ready. You can Exit it.
When your phone will receive a SMS with the defined "SMS Code", Smartphone Tracker will automatically wakeup and send email or/and SMS with the GPS coordinates.

Advanced Setup

In the "Settings View":

1. "Map Template" - Select email map template - GoogleMaps, Yahoo Maps and WindowsLive Maps.
2. If the "Use simple template for SMS" is checked the SMS template is: latitude N/S, longitude E/W. Otherwise it will be the same as the Email template.
3. "Force immediate send/receive" - Send the GPS coordinate Email immediately instead of letting the predefine email account to send it. If not check email Email response may not be immediate.
4. "Background Mode" - In this mode the SmartphoneTracker is hidden when operates remotely by SMS.
5. "Notify SIM replaced" - when checked Smartphone Tracker will notify by SMS when a SIM card is replaced. Make sure to define the SMS number in the "Main" tab
5. Press "Menu -> Save Changes".


1. Open SmartPhoneTracker.
2. unckeck the Notify SIM Replaced in the Settings View.
3. Menu -> Save Changes.
4. Menu -> Exit.
5. On your device, Start->Settings->System->Remove Programs.
6. Select the SmartPhoneTracker and press the Remove Button.

the SmartPhoneTracker free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download SmartPhoneTracker direct on your windows mobile smartphone

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SmartPhoneTracker Comments and Reviews

Mon 17 Nov

Doug Barker wrote...

glad to possibly find the bstrd who kifed my walkie talky

1:21 pm
Sun 23 Nov

Liza Rukhina wrote...

It won't let me link to the download. I have a

6:12 am
Sun 30 Nov

Don Small wrote...

Great idea.

2:22 pm
Sun 30 Nov

Don Small wrote...

great idea

8:08 pm
Tue 2 Dec

nisdk wrote...

nice program but easy to detect:( and usually when someone steals your wm phone and he knows what a wm phone is.. well the first thing he would do is a hard reset.. so nice program thought needs something more.. if it could get installed inside the rom? then it could be a bit lot harder to erase it..?

10:52 am
Tue 2 Dec

daxfx wrote...

give your phone to your child or wife and you will know were they are jajaja

7:18 pm
Tue 2 Dec

daxfx wrote...

hide the phone in silent mode inside your kids or wife car ...

7:19 pm
Thu 4 Dec

blaze wrote...

wonderful idea for protection of your device.

2:11 am
Sat 6 Dec

tennis Linville wrote...

great ideal

4:35 am
Mon 15 Dec

andydavidson wrote...

what about instead of entering an SMS no. to reply to, that it will auto respond to the mobile no. that sent the secret code to it? otherwise an awesome little app!

3:48 pm
Fri 19 Dec

David Milhouse wrote...

Whenever I send a text message to my phone, the phone asks "Your password needs to be updated. Please enter your new password and click ok." I have to enter a password before it will send out the gps position.

10:17 pm
Fri 26 Dec

miguel gonzalez wrote...

great system Im always losing my phone so this software will come in handy

4:54 am
Sat 10 Jan

Chris wrote...

How does the phone receive the gps coordinate? Do I need a internet connection?

7:43 am
Sat 10 Jan

nibbs wrote...

You will need a phone with a built in GPS chip like most modern HTC models to use it.

12:53 pm
Sun 11 Jan

Karan wrote...

Great Program. Would be nice if I could enter multiple phone numbers for SMS reply. Also, a way to hide the SmartPhoneTracker installation from the installed programs list would take care of the "not so smart thieves" (may be a special way to invoke the program instead of the "Programs" menu).

2:37 pm
Fri 24 Apr

Wade wrote...

This is an awesome program. My wife was driving to Vegas at night and hit a deer. Her car was inoperable and I was able to tell the highway patrol exactly where she was.

10:37 am
Fri 8 May

Caesar wrote...

the usual is when someone steal ur phone they remov the simcard. would like to know if it works in such a case?

1:43 am
Sun 31 May

JONH wrote...

How installing the Smartphone Tracker:

12:27 pm
Sun 27 Dec

aayu wrote...

it is nice,and working

11:14 pm
Fri 2 Apr

minh wrote...

do they have anything like this for blackberry

4:44 pm
Tue 6 Jul

Gaurav wrote...

I haven't used it still but I'm sure it'll work properly and I trust this site and I know I'll get 100% results, thanks to the site.

9:54 am
Tue 6 Jul

mink wrote...

does it works on Asus P320?

9:55 am
Sat 21 Aug

omega1664 wrote...

excellent and very creative app. Always room for improvements but that goes for all apps. Very cool idea and useful. Thanks.

1:35 am
Fri 5 Nov

mahraj wrote...

it's the most useful.

9:23 pm
Sun 13 Mar

timbo wrote...

i hope this works well

12:24 pm
Thu 17 Nov

sirji wrote...

for some this software appears useless. but let me define its one of biggest usefulness which can make it expensive.. u can install this software in ur windows mobile,hide that mobile in ur car and make sure to connect its charger with car battery.... now, if somebody stole ur car, then u can search ur car by single sms and as ur phone is on silent, the thief cant find ur mobile. thanks for sharing such software for free.

12:45 pm



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