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Summary: SmartMonitor plug-in displays text representing different parameters of your phone such as battery life, temperature, storage space and available memory. You can also add icons representing any of the...

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2008-03-06
Found under: monitor, utilities, today screen, plugin,

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Smartphone SmartMonitor freeware
SmartMonitor Description

SmartMonitor plug-in displays text representing different parameters of your phone such as battery life, temperature, storage space and available memory. You can also add icons representing any of these things as you see fit. The plug-in is extremely configurable in that it allows you to place as many or as few bits on information on the screen, wherever you want with just a minor tweak of the XML file.
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the SmartMonitor free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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SmartMonitor Comments and Reviews

Fri 13 Apr

Rick wrote...

I downloaded it today, but can't make it work. I tried installing from the phone and from the connected PC. It seemed to install, but then disappeared. I searched all the directories I could think of, but can't find any remnants, and the original downloaded file disappeared upon installing. I rebooted, and tried again, with same result. It's a mystery.

6:59 pm
Thu 26 Apr

Mike wrote...

Hey any1 and every1 that dwnloads and uses this application. This plugin appears in your "home screen layout" selection. I'm trying to figure out how to "tweak it"

5:10 am
Wed 13 Jun

3125 wrote...

anyone have a working link for this plug in?

10:48 am
Thu 14 Jun

alihkm wrote...

i want ti try this. it looks so helpful for my phone

8:58 am
Wed 27 Jun

Daniel wrote...

Great software ! Thanks

3:27 am
Tue 21 Aug

kijons wrote...


9:52 am
Sat 1 Sep

leon wrote...


1:41 am
Thu 3 Apr

andy wrote...

i'll try, thanks

10:43 pm
Wed 9 Apr

bobo wrote...

very good

4:35 pm
Wed 16 Apr

Shree wrote...

can anybody tell how to make this software work

12:59 am
Fri 18 Apr

chalermpandhu wrote...

Very Easy to find ... Great

12:11 pm
Sun 20 Apr

quser wrote...

err....... i can't figure out how to install and use this.... some1 plz help!!!!

4:48 pm
Mon 28 Apr

milton wrote...

First the madbeetle is not free.And I have load the smartmonitor on my smartphone running window os6 professional and i can't get it to work

10:27 am
Fri 2 May

atif wrote...


12:20 am
Sun 22 Jun

Tropical Lifestyles wrote...

BS...none of these aftermarket programs work worth a s__t!

3:41 pm
Mon 14 Jul

Jason wrote...

ill give it a whirl

11:17 am
Mon 8 Sep

Alan Unkovich wrote...

It's great.

2:17 am
Sun 14 Sep

jack wrote...


7:38 am
Mon 20 Oct

ShadowFan wrote...

Tested it on a HTC Shadow with WindowsMobile v6.1. Did not work properly. Not able to adjust/pick settings. Removed.

2:02 pm
Sat 25 Oct

murat wrote...


8:08 pm
Tue 11 Nov

Larry wrote...

How do I make this work,and where do I find it on my phone

11:17 pm
Tue 30 Dec

N Pradeep Kumar wrote...

Installed the software. Does not work in my hTC S710

8:19 am
Sat 16 May

Jarrod wrote...

Installed it, can not find it. Its in my Remove Programs List. However, this junk does not work. I Boo your program.

10:56 am
Sun 14 Feb

brad wrote...


9:06 pm
Tue 7 Sep

WooDy wrote...

u can find it as one of your choices now for a home screen theme. hope this helps.

1:23 am
Fri 17 Sep

imtiaz wrote...

thanks for the new designing of themes

7:14 am
Tue 11 Jan

Budro wrote...

It does work with Win Mobile 6, but looks terrible. Font is tiny and why does it resize my wallpaper ?? Junk App

1:40 pm
Mon 30 May

thevikas wrote...


7:47 am



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