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» SkyFire

• Summary: Skyfire is a free mobile browser for Windows Mobile Smartphone, watch web video, listen to web music, shop, and use social networks – just like your PC. It’s the PC web on your phone. Real fast.

Windows Mobile Smartphone

• Arrived: 2009-06-11
• Found under: browse, web, video, stream, flash, skyfire,

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Smartphone SkyFire freeware
» SkyFire Description

What is Skyfire?

Skyfire is a free, downloadable mobile browser that gives you a Web browsing experience exactly like PC browsing.

The best mobile browsing experience

For the first time ever, on your phone, you can watch any video, connect with friends, listen to music, shop, and browse the web using the full-featured PC versions of your favorite websites. With Skyfire, mobile browsing just works - speedy page loads, full video, images and audio.


Watch any video

Stay connected

YouTube, Hulu, any web video - you name it - it's playing on Skyfire. Skyfire is the only mobile browser that supports full Flash and Windows Media videos, including Flash 10 and Silverlight 2.0.

Follow your friends' Facebook and Twitter updates plus keep track of news, sports, video and other content in your own customizable activity feed.

Share instantly

Browse any page

Easily share what you find on the web or what you are up to. Post web pages and status updates to Facebook and Twitter, with one click!

Browse your favorite websites on Skyfire exactly like you do on your PC. No compromises! We’re the only mobile browser to support all major Web 2.0 standards – Ajax, Javascript, Flash 10 – it just works.

Blazing fast


Skyfire fires up fast and web pages load quickly. Don’t take our word for it, check out this showdown by Laptop Magazine.



the SkyFire free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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» SkyFire Comments and Reviews

Sat 18 Oct

rahadyan wrote...

no it's not available in usa only. i'm from indonesia and i can use it flawlessly. if you register on their website, skyfire will send you a welcome mail, in which you will find a link to download skyfire CAB installer. follow the download link, then transfer it to your phone, then install it through file manager. after it is installed, you need to enter your registration info and then voila! skyfire is ready to be used. this browser is pretty cool, you can play any flv-video on websites such as youtube, msn soapbox etc. the video (and websites) loads blazingly fast. the app itself is kinda slow though

4:05 am
Sat 18 Oct

davidvasan wrote...


8:58 pm
Sun 19 Oct

javier. wrote...

i am using t-mobile dash and its great, i wonder how is working to be flowlesly?

9:31 pm
Mon 20 Oct

Neelish wrote...

I'm in the UK, downloaded it for my Palm Treo 500 - it worked fine, but I wasn't happy with the way it worked. Prefer Opera to be honest.

7:43 am
Wed 22 Oct

Julio wrote...

I dowloaded skyfire. Its a good search engine but the videos dont play rite. They skip and break up lik a dirty dvd

8:27 am
Wed 22 Oct

seur wrote...

is fast

3:59 pm
Thu 23 Oct

Kenny wrote...

I have tried it and am redownloading now.I give it 4 out of 5, but in my opinion the paid version of opera is the C

5:02 am
Thu 23 Oct

Julio wrote...

I have a tmobile dash and i downloaded skyfire. Its a good program as far as speed but for watchen videos NOT GOOD the videos skip an break up laka dirty dvd movie and im not talkin about pprn sound breaks up too

7:30 pm
Sat 25 Oct

tarek wrote...


11:13 am
Tue 28 Oct

Uninstalled wrote...

Yeap, I have uninstalled it. sorry, but just didn't do it for me. Videos choppy even after chasing, and the overall app feels clunky. I use a HTC Touch, and used a US proxy to regester it... good luck

6:37 am
Tue 28 Oct

odon wrote...


11:54 pm
Wed 29 Oct

Manzoor wrote...

Nice Software!!!

10:46 am
Sat 1 Nov

archangel wrote...

its working... although im from the philippines... just enter your number...register...and whoaaa! download the link via your pc , and install in your phone.

2:21 am
Mon 3 Nov

felix wrote...

nice website

7:08 am
Thu 6 Nov

david wrote...

Doesn't work on HTC Touch Pro, only half of the screen(left side) is displayed after browser starts at login page. I have re-downloaded and re-installed and same thing.

11:30 am
Tue 11 Nov

gerry wrote...

can i help to install the skyfire to my pocket pc wm5 im here in the philippines can i sen a link download or a application.

8:52 am
Wed 12 Nov

jeet wrote...

i want help to install it

10:57 am
Mon 17 Nov

helend wrote...

very good

7:32 pm
Mon 1 Dec

Kris wrote...


10:09 am
Sun 7 Dec

mikef wrote...

I have Windows Mobile 6 and this is the best browser I have ever seen for a WM6 phone. I was skeptical it would work well...but it does. A definite must-have app for WM6 users.

2:26 pm
Fri 9 Jan

Rabbie wrote...

Skyfire is now available to download from and is now available in the UK and probably other countries. If you have downloaded a previous version, you can now upgrade to Skyfire 8.5 which is an improvement on previous versions. If you have a 3G, HSDPA or if you use a wi-fi connection this is by far the best browser you can get on your mobile. It' so good I can't believe it's FREE!

9:16 am
Wed 11 Feb

james wrote...

destroyed my motorola Q home screen, even after removing it the software. navigating pages is way too slow with zooming in and out. do not recommend.

10:59 am
Wed 11 Mar

TechBoyT wrote...

Needs better zoom feature, It only zooms in once. Otherwise, it's very good! Better than IE anyway.

3:14 pm
Sun 19 Apr

kevin wrote...

i was wondering, do u need a data plan to use this???

12:13 pm
Sat 30 May

Gary Shaw wrote...

some quirks, but ok otherwise.

8:29 am
Fri 12 Jun

suhel wrote...

this software simpliy rocks

8:46 am
Fri 19 Jun

kevin frederito wrote...

very good

9:48 am
Sun 21 Jun

nethaji wrote...

I am from india trying to downloading but i am getting below requested URL /img2/skyfire.CAB was not found on this server.

2:33 pm
Mon 29 Jun

rasam walcott wrote...

i hope its a good program as how they advertise it.

5:19 pm
Mon 6 Jul


i cant download its

10:24 am
Mon 6 Jul

JayH wrote...

dont know yet

6:35 pm
Wed 8 Jul

jerico wrote...

sony ericsson P1i

5:19 am
Wed 8 Jul

Mrbcross wrote...

I have used this app on my Motorola Q9C device for over 4 months. I have never had any problems with my device. I will say that navigating is a little challenging at times.

12:25 pm
Wed 15 Jul

JOHN wrote...

I have only had software for a short while need more time.

8:39 pm
Sun 19 Jul

Aaron wrote...

So...does this mean that you don't have to pay to have internet service on your phone like you would if you subscribed to some type of plan from your cell phone provider?

12:25 pm
Thu 23 Jul

Paulla wrote...


7:15 pm
Fri 24 Jul

pierluigi wrote...

i need flexible software

11:38 am
Fri 24 Jul

rasheed wrote...

I lovet

8:17 pm
Mon 27 Jul

paul wrote...


6:15 am
Tue 28 Jul

muhamad sholeh wrote...

its great

5:09 am
Fri 31 Jul

Mike wrote...

It's good but WAS flawed however i stuck with it after the recent update they issued it is amazing it has unlocked the power of my palm treo 500 like i don't know what from facebook to watching live video its ace. Highly Recommended

4:15 pm
Sat 15 Aug

yokomotoz wrote...

what installer skyfire for samsung c6625.

6:29 pm
Sun 30 Aug

Thim wrote...


7:04 am
Thu 5 Nov

ronnie wrote...

Sounds good to me

3:26 am
Sun 6 Dec

paul rhoades wrote...

its cool i know about sorry dude jussd been fighting for two

6:32 am
Sat 19 Dec

Rico wrote...


6:29 pm
Thu 4 Feb

billy wrote...

works good but don't try watching videos , its like watching a picture slideshow

10:57 pm
Sun 2 May

asifsandhniwala wrote...

skyfire sofitwire new warzan my mibil suport nokia e.71 pes my mil sent pess asif

1:55 am
Sun 16 May

m.adi wrote...

The best

10:56 am
Sat 22 May

rosare22 wrote...

freeware? free 100% browsing?

7:54 pm
Fri 23 Jul

cemalettin wrote...

skyfire Γ§ok gΓΌzel

5:51 am
Sun 8 Aug

raza hossain wrote...


6:45 am
Wed 18 Aug

eddie wrote...

i need help, i cant download skyfire here in philippines.. Anyone can help me tnx for ur cooperayion..

3:42 am
Tue 14 Sep

asif wrote...

your sofitwire my emil send pes.

10:47 am
Sun 17 Oct

ajay wrote...

i need help, i can't downld skyfire. pls anyone help me thanx@india

10:56 pm
Fri 26 Nov

dustin wrote...

skyfire does not currently support windows mobile since offering droid/iphone cuz it was the best browser out

10:16 am
Sat 15 Jan

Dian wrote...

I got this error message when I click the download button: Not Found The requested URL /img2/skyfire.CAB was not found on this server.

10:38 pm
Sat 15 Jan

Dian wrote...

it is no longer supporting WM and symbian since dec 2010.

10:46 pm
Mon 24 Jan

karmjeet singh wrote...


12:40 pm
Sat 5 Mar

outsider wrote...

life must go on....

1:32 am
Tue 7 Jun

Makachai wrote...

very goods

6:15 am
Sun 24 Jul

Yuryursman wrote...

Application an all action recorded.

5:48 pm
Sat 10 Sep

baltazar wrote...

very good

8:46 am
Wed 18 Jan

Xannon wrote...

God, I feel like I sohuld be takin notes! Great work

11:13 pm
Sat 24 Mar

anthony wrote...

i can't download it

2:14 am
Tue 26 Jun

malapetaka_d wrote...

i cant download skyfire in my phone

12:43 pm
Tue 26 Jun

malapetaka_d wrote...

i cant download skyfire in my phone

1:11 pm
Fri 29 Jun

kirthector wrote...


6:17 pm
Fri 4 Jan

Md.shahabuddin shihab wrote...

my device:Nokia N95 s60^3 v35.0.002 country:Bangladesh

2:19 pm
Fri 4 Jan

Md.shahabuddin shihab wrote...

my device:Nokia N95 s60^3 v35.0.002 country:Bangladesh

2:19 pm



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