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» Seaquest 1.0

• Summary: It's a arcade style side-scrolling shooter game. Your mission is rescue divers and attack enemies. (Remake of favorite Atari 2600 game - seaquest) Your mission here: Rescue Divers Get them into ...

Smartphone 2003 or up

• Arrived: 2006-11-05
• Found under: games, entertainment, media, arcade, quest, rpg,

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Smartphone Seaquest 1.0 freeware
» Seaquest 1.0 Description

It's a arcade style side-scrolling shooter game. Your mission is rescue divers and attack enemies.

(Remake of favorite Atari 2600 game - seaquest)

Your mission here:
Rescue Divers
Get them into your sub. You can retrieve five divers one time.
After that, you must surface to release them for bonus score.

Attack enemies

You must watch your head.
There are so many kinds of enemies, Such as killer sharks, enemy subs, etc.
Each stage provides several mini bosses and a big boss to fight.

the Seaquest 1.0 free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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» Seaquest 1.0 Comments and Reviews

Mon 6 Nov

kasumie wrote...

1st of all it's trialware. You can only play 1st stage... and that about it. Sound and graphic seems OK when I tried it on my old WM5 MPx200.

1:52 pm
Wed 20 Dec

Ehsan wrote...


11:53 am
Tue 20 Mar

reza wrote...

it is vbery good.

10:59 pm
Wed 25 Apr

JAGAN wrote...


3:27 am
Sun 8 Jul

alex wrote...


11:09 pm
Wed 18 Jul

Eric wrote...

My Samsung I-600 crashes instantly after starting the game... too bad, seemed like a good way to kill time...

4:13 am
Sat 15 Mar

jumar lal lohar wrote...

good job nice

10:15 am
Sun 13 Apr

SteveR wrote...

good site

9:07 am
Sat 28 Jun

ambati wrote...


9:03 am
Wed 30 Jul

derek wrote...

I have a moto q running wm5 and every single program i have ever tried to dl from this site, my phone tells me that the file cannot be accessed from my device. Can anyone tell me why?

8:30 am
Sat 9 Aug

suzanne wrote...


6:45 pm
Mon 11 Aug

Ronin wrote...

Does NOT work with the Motorola Q9h with Windows Mobile 6 Standard CE OS 5.2.1440 In fact, I've found that quite a few of these so-called "FREE" programs on here to be nothing more than Trialware and most also include a "Dialhome device" included with it. Think I might find a new site to get my programs from.

3:00 pm
Mon 16 Nov

Vincent1357 wrote...

I really don't have an opinion at this time.

4:27 am
Thu 31 Dec

juan manuel wrote...

muy buena la pagina le puede bajar demaciadas cosas a mi motorola Q black gracias por todo

5:39 am
Thu 31 Dec

juanma wrote...

la pagina esta muy buena gracias a uds tengo l qe qeria en mi motorola Q black gracias x todo *_-*_-*_-*_Fr€€W@R€_*-_*-_*-_*

5:43 am
Fri 13 May

jawed wrote...

i want download my moto q mobile.

11:30 pm
Fri 16 Sep

Donald Task wrote...

This is terrible. What a rip of of the original Atari 2600 Classic "SeaQuest". If it was to really be a remake, it wouldn't have 'mini-bosses' or 'levels' that's crap. SeaQuest was about ever increasing speed and enemy count, while managing oxygen and an ever speeding up surface ship attempting to interrupt that. This should just be removed for © infringement.

7:05 pm
Mon 1 Oct

Kazuki wrote...

I don't understand this ccomermial. He would rather play with his phone then talk to a hot friendly girl? I have Motorola products and their ccomermials should show what they can do better then Apple instead of this irrelevant stuff.

8:42 pm



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