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PocketDict English-English Lite 1.0

Summary: This is English-English Lite dictionary file for PocketDict application. It contains 74.000 entries (approx 5.1 Mb).

Arrived: 2005-04-23
Found under: Languages, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Translation,

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Smartphone PocketDict English-English Lite 1.0 freeware
PocketDict English-English Lite 1.0 Description

This is English-English Lite dictionary file for PocketDict application. It contains 74.000 entries (approx 5.1 Mb).

This is only dictionary file. You need to buy the PocketDict (Dictionary Apps) to use this dictionary files.

Pay ONLY once, and you get 12 dictionary free (German,Dutch,French,Italian,Spanish,Japanese,Indonesian,etc)

You can download the dictionary file separately (NO EXTRA COST).

Available Dictionary :
1. English-Indonesian > 23.000 words
2. Indonesian-English > 30.000 words
3. English-French > 22.000 words
4. French-English> 38.000 words
5. English-German > 123.000 words
6. German-English > 178.000 words
7. English-Dutch > 13.000 words
8. Dutch-English -> 10.000 words
9. English-Japanese > 54.000 words
10. Japanese-English > 58.000 words
11. English-Italian > 33.000 words
12. Italian-English > 39.000 words
13. English-Spanish > 21.000 words
14. Spanish-English > 19.000 words
15. English-Finnish > 28.000 words
16. Finnish-English > 31.000 words
17. English-Portuguese > 15.000 words
18. Portuguese-English > 15.000 words
19. English-Norwegian > 13.000 words
20. Norwegian-English > 12.000 words
21. English-Swedish > 11.000 words
22. Swedish-English > 10.000 words
23. English-Latin > 8.700 words
24. Latin-English > 11.000 words

the PocketDict English-English Lite 1.0 free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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Download PocketDict English-English Lite 1.0 direct on your windows mobile smartphone

Made by: Tj Mobile

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PocketDict English-English Lite 1.0 Comments and Reviews

Tue 20 Jun

mustafa wrote...

seems to be useful

10:57 am
Sun 7 Jan

jetro wrote...

hi there

8:56 am
Sun 18 Feb

tick weng wrote...

business man

7:46 am
Thu 21 Jun

pichai wrote...


1:56 am
Sat 14 Jul

smalllife wrote...

nice dic f df ds fds fds f sdf sdf sd f dsfsd fsd f\sd fsd

12:45 am
Tue 28 Aug

Sular wrote...

U guys are great

9:41 am
Sat 22 Dec

clintroy wrote...

thanks much

12:25 pm
Sun 6 Jan

BHAVIN wrote...

thanks much...

11:29 pm
Wed 5 Mar

robert wrote...

pretty good

7:40 pm
Mon 17 Mar

bikram wrote...

good going

8:33 am
Thu 4 Sep

aspwanigasingha wrote...


10:29 am
Sun 14 Sep

vishnu wrote...


11:21 am
Sun 28 Dec

ankuur wrote...

how to down load this dictionary to my cel nokia 3110c? its prity good

5:40 am
Sun 21 Jun

manisankar wrote...

most requred software

4:09 pm
Thu 27 May

Sumit Nandvani wrote...

I Think It's a good site to download.

5:01 am
Sat 6 Nov

turtles wrote...


10:49 pm
Sat 27 Nov

shukurullakhan wrote...


9:18 am
Sat 27 Nov

shukurullakhan wrote...


9:19 am
Tue 1 Mar

sanjay wrote...

it was very good

10:35 am
Tue 17 May

Cosmos wrote...

Very good

5:47 pm



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