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• Summary: Create and edit Windows Media Player playlists directly on your Smartphones! Windows Media Player for Smartphones doesn't have a built-in feature of creating playlists. One option is to create a play...

Windows Mobile versions for Smartphone 2002/2003/2003 SE/WM5.0

• Arrived: 2006-11-05
• Found under: playlist, manager, utilities, media, player,

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Smartphone Playlist Manager freeware
» Playlist Manager Description

Create and edit Windows Media Player playlists directly on your Smartphones!

Windows Media Player for Smartphones doesn't have a built-in feature of creating playlists. One option is to create a playlist by means of some available utilities using the PC. But, wouldn't it be cool to be able to create your playlists directly on your Smartphones? :-)

UPDATE (31 October 2006):
Playlist Manager SP build 103006 and Playlist Manager PPC build 103006 now available.
What's new:
* fixed minor bugs
* now fully compatible with SP WM5 (both 176x220 and QVGA)
* now with PPC version

UPDATE (24 January 2006):
Playlist Manager SP beta 2.0, in test version compatible with WM5.0 Smarpthone devices. The beta version cab file installs and runs on SP2003/2003 SE/WM5.0 devices.
[Tested on HTC Voyager, O2 Xphone II, and HTC Tornado]

the Playlist Manager free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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Download Playlist Manager direct on your windows mobile smartphone

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» Playlist Manager Comments and Reviews

Sun 5 Nov

big shel wrote...

great idea!!!!!! i was just saying i wish i could do that, especially with ah 2gig card

10:45 pm
Sun 3 Dec

vaijnath rode wrote...

hi i wanna try this

3:20 am
Sun 17 Dec

Mariano wrote...

i want it!!

6:19 pm
Sun 17 Dec

Carlos wrote...

Please add the capacity to recognize .m4a (itunes) extensions, currently it doesnt see those files... great tool thanks

7:49 pm
Sun 4 Feb


i want it

10:25 am
Fri 16 Mar

jacob wrote...

Yeah.... so how do I get it?

10:26 pm
Tue 10 Apr

NFJim wrote...

Now I got do I make a playlist? It doesn't look anything like the above.

7:03 pm
Wed 25 Apr

JAGAN wrote...

thanks how do i download playlist

3:31 am
Mon 16 Jul

juan wrote...

how do i installint on my phone i can't do it i try everything and i couldn't need help

9:14 pm
Fri 17 Aug

Willem Amsterdam wrote...

How to install a .cab file on your mobile device: To install, download file by clcking above link - download on page that pops up. The file that you download is a so-called .cab file. 1 Download the file to your PC 2 Transfer file to your mobile device 3 Find the file on your mobile device and select it A window will appear to let you install the file

11:46 am
Fri 17 Aug

Willem Amsterdam wrote...

to whomever made this program, FANTASTIC!! Exactly what I was looking for, no bugs and very intuitive My compliments!

12:11 pm
Tue 2 Oct

marc wrote...

is it compatible with wm6?

2:55 pm
Tue 18 Mar

Ammar wrote...


3:34 am
Tue 25 Mar

adam wrote...


6:53 pm
Tue 25 Mar

Hagan wrote...

dont listen to adam....

7:01 pm
Thu 17 Apr

James Lantz wrote...


9:32 am
Thu 17 Apr

James Lantz wrote...


9:35 am
Sun 9 Nov

eian wrote...

it worked fine with my SDA. this is just the thing i've been looking for. great stuff. Rating: 10/10

3:30 pm
Sun 10 Jan

newton wrote...

thnx very much! this has made life much easier when it comes to organise my music.

3:02 am
Fri 27 Jan

angel wrote...

Mi cell dont play videos from the web

1:42 am
Sun 28 Oct

Ismail wrote...

exeis roufixei atrkea fainetai k ksereis oti einai kalutero to roufigma!!!!!!!!!! dustuxos sti sygrou den exoume pia douleia gt tous exeis parei olous esy,,, tous pairneis 5-5 mazi k ksemperdeueisο»Ώ pio grigora,,, vale tora tin tapa pou efages ston kolo sou kai vgale to skasmo epitelous kurie malakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

7:52 pm
Wed 31 Oct

Nick wrote...

I'd add (again!, sorry) to all these traveling tips, eslcaielpy for long car trips - don't stress out too much about how your toddler/preschooler likes a long car trip.I have a friend who has trouble getting her kids to go 2 hours in the car, and is always asking how we do 12-hour days in the car, even with our babies! But I grew up doing those kinds of trips, and so we just GO. Our son did his share of whining or crying in the beginning, I suppose. But now he's 3 and he already knows that if he's not happy with the toys/music/snacks we have, he can chat with us and look out the window, or sleep (haha, like he'd ever sleep though!). We don't really worry about the fussing - we offer a toy or snack, and beyond that... we just don't worry too much about it!

8:56 pm



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