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MDict 3.0

Summary: MDict is a multi-language dictionary under WinCE for PDAs, it dosen't provide dictionary data itself, but use libraries built by user. Features: Free for non-commercial personal use! Multi-...

Smartphone 2002

Arrived: 2009-06-09
Found under: dictionary, reference, personal,

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Smartphone MDict 3.0 freeware
MDict 3.0 Description

MDict is a multi-language dictionary under WinCE for PDAs, it dosen't provide dictionary data itself, but use libraries built by user.


Free for non-commercial personal use!
Multi-library support
Multi-language support
Online word pickup
Built in Simplfied/Traditional Chinese conversion
Supports PPC/HPC/Smartphone

MDict 3.0 Final Released:
1. New MDict format support(Support source file larger then 4G, and speed up loading)
2. Library management
3. Dictioanry Union(Look up multiple dictionaries at the same time)
4. Keyword fuzzy search
5. Full text search
6. Support image displaying/hyper link in page/multi-language GUI in PC version
7. Support dictioanry files larger then 2G Bytes
8. Built-in finger guesture for page scroll up/down
9. Large button mode, for easier finger operation(PPC/HPC)
10. Auto lookup highlighted text, you can turn this off in option dialog(PC/PPC/HPC)
11. Can play pronunciation of selected text, conflict with "Auto lookup highlighted text".(PPC/HPC/PC)
12. Include "Doulos SIL" and "KSPhonetic" fonts in installation package
13. Support multiple audio libraries. Put all audio libraries into MDict\AudioLib, or set the audio library directory in option dialog.
14. Add reference support, put any mdx file into MDict\ReferenceLib and enable View->Show Reference, if current keyword matched any entry in reference library, the content of first of them will be displayed too
15. Add Polish translation
16. Add internal redirect support
17. Add text font selection
18. Fix: Can't input Asia characters
19. Fix some translation problem, and add Polish translation
20. Fix: Can't quit library manager under smartphone 2003
21. Fix: Duplicate contents under in union-library.
22. Fix: In smartphone, If you put the program to background when you open a dialog, and activate it by running

the MDict 3.0 free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download MDict 3.0 direct on your windows mobile smartphone

Made by: Octopus Studio

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MDict 3.0 Comments and Reviews

Mon 25 Aug

david sebastian wrote...

looks cool

12:22 pm
Sat 30 Aug

jeremy wrote...

get it

2:56 pm
Fri 17 Oct

hu4mx wrote...

Where can I find MDX for francaise (french)

6:00 pm
Tue 2 Dec

Mosad Elshennawy wrote...

Very Good

2:57 pm
Fri 12 Dec

Shashank wrote...

Very good...

12:32 am
Thu 18 Jun

kennedy wrote...

what is the step for install mdict 3.0 in my HTC. anyonw can help me

1:38 am
Thu 23 Jul

Doro frank wrote...

Please l need all kind of sortware that enter my phone NokiaN70, game, MDict 3.0, stronge antivirus and what have you. I will happy if my request is consider, just send them to my email.

6:54 pm
Sat 22 Aug

Tzar wrote...

Sounds great

12:09 am
Fri 30 Oct

Dr Harish Venkat Kulkarni wrote...

It is nice and you are quietly innovating...

9:01 am
Wed 10 Nov

thuy wrote...


2:45 am
Tue 24 Jul

theo wrote...

good stuff

2:02 pm
Thu 1 Nov

Naveen wrote...

HHIS I should have tohuhgt of that!

12:52 am



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