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CCDialer v2.0 BETA

Summary: Tired of punching in the Calling Card Number + PIN + Contact Number. Here's the solution. The application stores the calling card numbers and your recently called long distance/international contacts....

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2007-02-16
Found under: dialer, calling, card, communication, utilities,

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Smartphone CCDialer v2.0 BETA freeware
CCDialer v2.0 BETA Description

Tired of punching in the Calling Card Number + PIN + Contact Number. Here's the solution. The application stores the calling card numbers and your recently called long distance/international contacts. Next time you have to call your contact in another country, all you have to do is launch this application, select the contact and the calling card to use. The application will then dial the calling card number, supply the pin and also dial the contact.

This application is inspired by the Sony Ericsson T68i's Calling Card feature. The previous version of this application, the CCDailer v1.5, didn't integrate with Pocket Contacts. This version lets you select a contact from your address book and store it as favorite in the CCDialer. Version 2.0 works with Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphones. The future version will support only Windows Mobile 5.0 and will offer true Pocket Contact integration. In Version .Next of CCDialer, you will be able to select a contact in the Pocket Contact application and then press Menu, select CCDialer.


- Stores more than one Calling Card Numbers and PIN. Supports upto 20 calling cards.
- Allows you to select a contact from Pocket Contact. Remembers the 5 recently called contacts/numbers.
- Stores their Home, Work, Mobile, Car, Home 2 and Work 2 numbers.
- Allows you to select between your many Calling Cards for your call.
- No need to remember any calling card number or contact's international number
- Designed for Windows Mobile 2003 SE and 5.0 Smartphones. Written using .NET CF 1.0. - Is compatible with QVGA Screen and Landscape screens.
- Re-dialing is easy. Once a contact is dialed using CCDialer, if you want to re-dial the contact, you can go to Call History and select the contact in the Call History marked with the suffix "- CCDialer." You don't have to launch the application again.

How to Install

- Download the CAB file here. [CCDialer v2.0 BETA]
- Copy it to your Smartphone using ActiveSync.
- On your Smartphone, launch the CAB file.
- It will prompt you for installation location, Device Memory or Storage Card Memory(if available). Install in either location.

How to use

- From Start Menu, Select CCDialer.
- First Time you run this application, you will be prompted with the security warnings for three files.
- Select the Contact Name and Number (Home/Work/Mobile/Other).
- If the Contact you wish to call is not in the favorites list, then add the contact by selecting "Menu->Select Contact" option. Note: You will have to click the "Done" soft key to accept the contact, the action key does not work. - Select the Calling Card. You can add a calling card by using the "Menu->Calling Cards, Menu->Add"
- Select Dial
- Confirm with Yes if the number looks okay.
- CCDialer will dial the calling card and the selected contact.
- Tip: In your address book store the phone numbers in the following format "+country code (area code) phone number."

the CCDialer v2.0 BETA free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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Download CCDialer v2.0 BETA direct on your windows mobile smartphone

Made by: krishna kumar

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CCDialer v2.0 BETA Comments and Reviews

Mon 19 Feb

Cong Vo wrote...

I wonder how to modify or delete the existing calling card info. The edit/delete options are not highlight to select.

5:32 pm
Wed 28 Feb

Jeremy wrote...

this is a really neat little app - seems to work well. the only thing extra I need it to do is to give me the option to hit the # key after the number is dialled... Any chance of that Mr Kumar? Thanks! J

7:22 am
Sun 18 Mar

Ryan wrote...

Jeremy, if you don't need a PIN at all or until after the number is dialed, then you can set the PIN as # and set it to dial as CC Number + Number + Pin.

11:07 pm
Mon 26 Mar

Prasanna wrote...

You can store the numbers in contact list in the following format: pppppppp where p stands for the pause. This seems to do the trick. You can use your standard phone calling ways to make a call.

5:43 pm
Mon 26 Mar

Prasanna wrote...

format is: 1866... pppp pin pppppp number-to-call

5:46 pm
Mon 2 Apr

Dannie wrote...

This doesn't seem to work on my blackjack. It doesn't seem to dial the pin. Or maybe it is dialing it before it is needed. I don't know. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Specifying the max pause before pin doesn't work either

8:59 am
Sat 28 Apr

Khalid Khan wrote...

Doesn't seem to work for my HTC Hermes....any clues...It dials the access number, then nothing...?

2:20 pm
Tue 7 Aug

Larry wrote...

This doesn't seem to work on my Samsung IP 830 phone. Software installed correctly. Was able to configure with contacts and calling card. When trying to make a call I am prompted to verify if the calling info is correct. After press yes it doesn't attempt to dial the number.

10:58 am
Fri 10 Aug

Christian wrote...

Does the application support callback communication services ?

5:47 am
Mon 24 Sep

David Brown wrote...

So far it seems to be a handy little program. My calling card requires a language selection and I found that adding a traditional 'p' and the selection number (1) at the end of the access number worked fine. I reiterate the comment above that an option to add a # to the end of the dialled number would be nice?

11:11 pm
Fri 10 Apr

amjad khan wrote...

please help me sir,my mobile name is ASUS P525 and i have install the software buti dont know how to set my ccnumber and how to dial my contact no to india. now im in sharjah. so please guide me for the folliwing things, thank you

8:02 am
Fri 24 Apr

Mark wrote...

This little program works great - why don't you charge let's say $5.00 or $10.00 for it and use the funds to further develop it to get the little bugs out. I think there is a greater need for this type of dialer because of Google Voice coming out of beta. There are already thousands of existing GV beta users out there that use clunky dialers like GVDialer (which does not work for past couple of days). This little apps works with any phone card or application like Google Voice one may use. I use it mostly to access Google Voice and Voipchep for International calling. Works great!

7:24 am
Tue 6 Oct

mustafa wrote...

i want to install dialer to call india on my imate mobile8502 pls show the steps

8:44 am
Wed 14 Dec

Brandie wrote...

Short, sweet, to the point, FREE-eaxctly as information should be!

7:37 am



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