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» Car Manager v1.00

• Summary: An utility to monitor your Car Fuel Consume, Oil Change and other things comming soon.

Windows Mobile Smartphone

• Arrived: 2007-09-25
• Found under: car, manager, database, utilities,

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Smartphone Car Manager v1.00 freeware
» Car Manager v1.00 Description

Car Manager v1.00 is an utility to monitor your Car Fuel Consume, Oil Change and other things comming soon.

the Car Manager v1.00 free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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Made by: Leandro Garcia

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» Car Manager v1.00 Comments and Reviews

Tue 25 Sep

Michael wrote...

It would be nice if it wasn't metric only.

2:40 pm
Fri 2 Nov

Gabriel wrote...


7:19 am
Sat 24 Nov

teset wrote...

test the site

7:48 pm
Sun 2 Dec

Eduardo wrote...

Legal demais

3:43 pm
Fri 28 Dec

marco wrote...


12:47 pm
Thu 3 Jan

mike bremner wrote...

metric is the shit

7:12 pm
Mon 11 Aug

ZeDWeB wrote...

Great Program, nasty bug on the oil windows though! DoesnΒ΄t open :-(

1:28 pm
Mon 11 Aug

Ronin wrote...

While it seems like it might be a good product, I have a few questions. Will this app work with the Motorola Q9h with Windows Mobile 6 Standard CE OS 5.2.1440 ? Is there a way to make it with MPH and KM, not just with KM, for those of us in the USA?

2:22 pm
Thu 4 Sep

jason ocasio wrote...

i liked

7:16 am
Tue 17 Aug

Andy wrote...

Only metric. Worked on Samsung Blackjack 2.

12:08 pm
Thu 6 Dec

Jennifer wrote...

better camera ok, fatser CPU 528MHz vs 624MHz omg what a huge difference they are the same..fatser internet well that depends on your signal. a blackberry is a blackberry is a blackberry. there is no better one. just the one that fits you best.

10:31 am
Fri 7 Dec

Gogo wrote...

Yes, usually. For the most part, anutiirvs programs scan for viruses and spyware programs scan for spyware. Though, more recently, most foremost brand scanners go both functions. You probably should have both. There are free alternatives for both. In fact most spyware scanners are free. I urge AVG or Norton for anutiirvs. AVG is free and Norton has a free version available through Google's Google Pack (seach google for google pack ). For spyware scanning I like using both Adaware and SpybotSD which are both free. Adaware is included in the google pack as well. You only want to have 1 virus scanner installed, but you can have multiple spyware scanners if you like.

9:32 pm



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