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Biorhythms Homescreen Plug-in

Summary: What is a BioRhythm? Well, the same way the tides are affected by the moon, different aspects of our life are affected by other things in a cyclic manner. There are quite a few different biorh...

Windows Mobile Smartphone
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Arrived: 2007-05-02
Found under: Biorhythm, medical, stats, home, screen, today, plugin,

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Smartphone Biorhythms Homescreen Plug-in freeware
Biorhythms Homescreen Plug-in Description

What is a BioRhythm? Well, the same way the tides are affected by the moon, different aspects of our life are affected by other things in a cyclic manner. There are quite a few different biorhythms, but this plug-in only includes 4 of the more interesting ones:

1. Physical: Your health and fitness
2. Emotional: Your ability to cope with emotions
3. Intellectual: Your thinking and deductive prowess
4. Intuitional: Your ability to sense things by using just your instincts

Biorhythms oscillate at different frequencies from the day you are born. Thus, the first thing you should do upon installing this plug-in on your Smartphone is to set your birth date in the XML file. The values for each biorhythm vary from 100% (full strength), to -100% (the weakest strength). So, if one of your biorhythms is at 0%, it does not mean that you have no chance with that particular one, but simply that you are at a neutral point in the cycle.

the Biorhythms Homescreen Plug-in free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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Made by: SmartPhinger

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Biorhythms Homescreen Plug-in Comments and Reviews

Thu 3 May

sheitan wrote...

nice one

10:46 am
Mon 7 May

seei wrote...


5:17 am
Mon 28 May

dean wrote...

hi hi hi hi

2:48 pm
Wed 30 May

dude wrote...

somebody s know how to shut off logging of this plugin? home_log.txt grows grows grows...

8:53 am
Wed 1 Aug

dilip wrote...


4:59 am
Sat 3 Nov

aditya wrote...


12:37 pm
Mon 7 Jan

sriram wrote...


9:12 am
Fri 8 Aug

wendy wrote...

looks cool but it does not work with wm 6.1

1:47 am
Tue 25 Jan

tibi wrote...

wendy is right! this app looks too finely to work on wm 6 at least!...On the other hands it has no website to update or get fixes So you may forget about it!

12:01 am
Thu 9 Feb

maged wrote...

i like htc

6:01 pm



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