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Alc. 2007 Lite 2.0.4

• Summary: Alarm clock features: - Alarm Type - specifies when the alarm should be activated a) One-tim - set a date and time for one-time alarm b) Daily - set a specified time that will be used as an eve...

Windows Mobile 2003 or highter. (The application runs under the .NET Compact framework 1.0, therefore in older PPCs 2002 devices you need to install it).

• Arrived: 2007-08-30
• Found under: Productivity, Time, Clock, Utilities ,

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Smartphone Alc. 2007 Lite 2.0.4 freeware
Alc. 2007 Lite 2.0.4 Description

Alarm clock features:
- Alarm Type
- specifies when the alarm should be activated
a) One-tim - set a date and time for one-time alarm
b) Daily - set a specified time that will be used as an every-day alarm
- Plugin - specifies an action that should be executed with the set alarm time Plugins available now:
- AlcAlarm - a standard plugin that plays a sound file (.wav) in a specified time range and at a pre-set volume, or you can also activate a vibration with the alarm
- SayClock - a plugin that says the current time
- Power Off - a plugin that turns off your device
- Note - a text note (reminder) that will be displayed during alarm
- Voice time announcement:
a) Current time (key <5>)
b) Next set alarm time (key <8>)
c) Recurrent voice time announcement in specified intervals Settings:
- You can set the option of a recurrent time announcement in specified intervals during alarm
- You can set your own intervals in minutes for the Snooze function
Themes: - Display your own picture as the background of the application - Display analogue and digital clock, monthly and weekly calendar, current date, the current day of the week, number of past and remaining days in the year, day number of the year etc. - Define the colour and shadows of texts, titles and other parts of the application - You can switch between 4 pre-defined themes, for the time being, using the cursor: analogue clock, LCD time, calendar, universal. - Each theme is saved in an XML file and can be modified directly in the application's tree structure

Platforms: - Smartphone 2003, 2003SE, 5.0 and higher - Pocket PC 2002 and higher (The application runs under the .NET Compact framework 1.0, therefore in older PPCs 2002 devices you need to install it)

the Alc. 2007 Lite 2.0.4 free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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Made by: Pavel Hornak

More versions:
ALL-Calculator Lite 1.1.0

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Alc. 2007 Lite 2.0.4 Comments and Reviews

Tue 4 Sep

paride wrote...


9:01 am
Wed 5 Sep

Rob Gladwin wrote...

very good indeed

1:58 am
Sat 15 Sep

irfan bangash wrote...


9:33 am
Wed 26 Sep

Upendra wrote...


1:47 am
Mon 22 Oct

Josh wrote...

A good working solution!

9:32 pm
Wed 6 Feb

Roland wrote...

Ziet er mooi uit. Maar: Let op: ======= Als je de klock een uurtje aan hebt staan gaat het al je rekentijd van je PDA kosten en wordt je PDA heel traag. Dit is ook te zien aan de seconde wijzer, die geeft dan niet meer iedere seconde aan maar springt steeds meerdere secondes. Ik gebruik versie

1:04 am
Sat 16 Feb

Greg wrote...

sounds great to me wish there wear spell checkers for my phone

2:32 pm
Wed 2 Apr

joe camara wrote...


6:22 pm
Sat 3 May

bobbie65 wrote...

hi, ยค The ALC 2007 2.0.5 for the Motorola Q, doesn't speak while in another APPLICATION as does the ALC 2007 lite v 2.0.4. An annoying glitch in an otherwise excellent program! ยค - kw

4:37 pm
Fri 23 Mar

Marcos wrote...

Smartphone, noun. A mobile phone, with nedxeted features such as PIM applications, email, internet access, music and video players. Capable of synchronising information between between itself and other sources, such as on-line services or desktop PCs. Implementation of a full QWERTY keyboard (either physically or on-screen) is also required.

9:30 am
Wed 29 Aug

Masaki wrote...

(Electronics) This power supply works as adiestvred, and if it's true to its 2 amp claim, will enable your USB-powered devices to charge about four times faster than they could by plugging in to a computer's USB port (computer USB ports are required to provide 1/2 amp, which is what most of them do few exceed it). It doesn't specify whether those 2 amps are per port, or split across both ports, so expect that if you plug in two devices, the power will be divided between them, and neither will charge as fast as if you'd just plugged in just one. I had a misinformed AT&T store salesman try to tell me something about cheap power supplies providing too much voltage. While those words all technically make sense together, this doesn't appear to be such a device (too much voltage heats things up, sometimes to the point of melting and smoke), and I doubt any reputable store would sell such a thing. This supply is high current, which is good, and will not damage your device. If you find a USB power supply that claims anything other than 5 volts (usually expressed as 5V), avoid it. The rotating plug is a little hard to deploy it takes a solid tug and there's not a lot to tug on. Once it's out, it's got stops every 45 degrees. I'm not sure why they did stops at 45 instead of 90. In any case, the plug will deploy to allow the body of the power supply to hang from the plug like a traditional wall-wart, or it'll allow the body to stand straight out from the plug. This is very handy if you encounter situations in which it must hug the wall, but also must play nicely in a power strip without taking up two receptacles. Since it's a switching power supply, it will work with pretty much any AC mains power you plug into, whether it's in the US, Europe, Asia, or anywhere else in the world. With a plug converter, you're good to go. The construction feels solid, although only time and use will tell that, and I've only had it for an hour at this point. I recommend this charger to anyone who needs to power USB devices and doesn't want to carry something with plug prongs that stick out.

1:24 pm
Sat 29 Sep

Francis wrote...

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7:39 pm



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