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3D Menu

Summary: 3D Menu makes the default menu of your smartphone into neat looking 3D one. After the 3d menu is installed you have to take out the batery from the phone for 30 seconds as the phone will not boot f...

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2007-10-10
Found under: Enhancements, Screen, Themes,

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Smartphone 3D Menu freeware
3D Menu Description

3D Menu makes the default menu of your smartphone into neat looking 3D one.

After the 3d menu is installed you have to take out the batery from the phone for 30 seconds as the phone will not boot for some reason ( why i do not know ) but by removing the battery the problem is solved and the phone will boot up normally , you will also have the homescreen which will give you the option to switch from 2d to 3d but if you do not like that the switch application can be found in the menu under applications ( in the 3d menu )

3d menu ( an automated version which you copy and the phone will install it automaticly ) simply copy the extracted 2577 folder to your sd card and reboot the phone or remove and reinsert the sd card for it to install.

the 3D Menu free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download 3D Menu direct on your windows mobile smartphone

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3D Menu Comments and Reviews

Wed 10 Oct

Share86 wrote...

Did everyone test this? I'm not sure to make it, its possible to loose the Software and i don't got an backup. So please tell me when it runs on the phone and there are no problems thx 4 help !

8:55 am
Wed 10 Oct

Andre wrote...

This is Dopod's 3d menu that they put on their phones. The only problem I had was that the first tier of the menu had applications on it that do not work with my phone. I have a Motorola Q. Other than that it works well. If I had played around with it some more I'm sure it would have worked well.

9:21 am
Thu 11 Oct

tobbbie wrote...

I think this is not freeware that is allowed for public posting. Anyway the only useful applications in the 2577 directory (which you can install yourself via ActiveSync) are the 3D Menu and the MP3 player. However none of them is worth installing, so save your time.

4:11 am
Sun 14 Oct

rojex ahmad wrote...

thank you

9:26 pm
Mon 15 Oct

viral wrote...

thanks alot

1:52 am
Mon 15 Oct

pla5terz wrote...


6:22 am
Wed 17 Oct

vikas kapoor wrote...


8:59 am
Wed 17 Oct

vikas kapoor wrote...


9:01 am
Thu 18 Oct

yalin wrote...


5:24 am
Fri 19 Oct

SoSmooth wrote...

dopod works on motorola q9m but menu does not cover entire screen. looks very unprofessional.

3:59 am
Fri 19 Oct

manoj wrote...

how do i install it on my htc s710 smartphone...plzz tell me...

5:55 am
Mon 22 Oct

agent447 wrote...

when u install this on WM5 it looks different to the screenshot!?!

3:41 am
Wed 24 Oct

dale wrote...

what a waste of time

3:46 pm
Tue 30 Oct

ralf wrote...


8:28 am
Fri 2 Nov

JeniT wrote...

Anyone use this on WM6 devices? I tried to install it (T-Mo Shadow), but it didn't quite work out for me. I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck and if it lives up to the hype?

7:14 pm
Sun 11 Nov

Casey wrote...

I'm concerned about quality control, when the guy doesn't even run spell check on his description of the program...

5:34 pm
Sat 24 Nov

tonev wrote...

Save your time NO LANDSCAPE mode (testet ot samsung sghi320n and not all of the applications work if you want cool start menu try SmartToolkit 1.00-RC07 its way bether

2:38 pm
Fri 30 Nov

spy_kobz wrote...

this application sucks! its bullshit! iv tried it on my Xphone2 WM6 platform but the 3d menu doesnt fit the very large and the usual 9 panel menu per screen shrinks only 2 4 menu..the screen shot they've posted was way different on their ads..yah this is a waste of time!!

8:14 pm
Sun 2 Dec

Zahid wrote...


3:04 am
Sun 9 Dec

sct_1991 wrote...

how do I install this. my phone popped up saying invalid plugin

12:39 pm
Tue 11 Dec

alvin wrote...

hello all, im very new to this smartphone thing I just purchased a touch 6900 htc from sprint. im having difficulties downloading and installing freeware such as a new 3d homepage. Im learning how to navigate so if someone can give me directions to download such a thing it would be greatly appreciated thanks mr. bee

2:26 pm
Thu 13 Dec

jaffar wrote...


10:00 am
Tue 1 Jan

peppe wrote...


12:45 pm
Wed 16 Jan

dwight wrote...

i have a t-mobile dash and the application would not iastall,it keep yelling me that the device is invalid,i dont know what mean's

9:15 am
Sun 20 Jan

miller wrote...

i have the wing and it keeps tellin me to turn off the device for it to be installed but it wont work....any help?/

3:13 pm
Thu 7 Feb

kivi wrote...


4:07 pm
Thu 28 Feb

jjain wrote...

good luck

8:22 am
Tue 8 Apr

bond wrote...


12:05 am
Wed 16 Apr

ray torres wrote...

hey no opinion im ok

6:56 pm
Thu 8 May

enrique herrera wrote...

es muy buenos tienen que probarlo

6:50 pm
Thu 8 May

r young wrote...


8:25 pm
Thu 12 Jun

steve wrote...


10:39 pm
Fri 20 Jun

vinod kumar bajaj wrote...

3 D MENU-------how do i install it on my htc s710 smartphone...plzz tell me...

8:26 am
Wed 25 Jun

Prateek wrote...

How can i install it on my HTC S730.....

2:54 am
Sat 28 Jun

anand wrote...

more help-full to my phone!

2:21 am
Fri 11 Jul

moreland wrote...


9:15 am
Tue 15 Jul

dagger wrote...

love it

9:37 pm
Fri 18 Jul

mazzio9872 wrote...

not only did this "software" NOT work, it totally _ucked up my new phone! I have to wipe out entire phone and download new software from t-mobile!!!even so, i hold no ill will, i knew the risks.

8:14 pm
Wed 6 Aug

saurafgt wrote...


4:48 am
Tue 14 Oct

hoangthanh wrote...

very good

11:03 pm
Wed 29 Oct

ranjith wrote...


5:28 am
Tue 25 Nov

jessy wrote...

am new in this smartphone thing...i have a motorola q...i cant install it...can u pls help :(...i followed the instruction but nothing happens!!!

1:59 am
Sun 28 Dec

gloc-9 wrote...

hell yah dis shit works realy good 10/10

5:29 am
Wed 7 Jan

Suyash wrote...

doesnt work good on htc s 710. i wud say dont install it

11:41 am
Fri 20 Feb

sanjeev wrote...

hey guys... i lost my sound by installing this freeware. could any one help me out to how to get sound back.......

5:52 pm
Tue 17 Mar

David wrote...

This does not work on my HTC-S710 (WM6) I think it is only for touch screen models.

10:20 pm
Mon 23 Mar

LAVAN wrote...


8:57 pm
Sun 12 Apr

Cgyt. wrote...


12:01 pm
Sun 3 May

pradeep wrote...

i am unable to download it .how can i download it asking user name and all. help me . if u had downloaded it before send it to my id please .

2:42 am
Sat 9 May

Julio wrote...

How does it work on a motorola Q? Should i install it?

2:06 pm
Wed 30 Sep

GFX119 wrote...

this app sucks....doesn't work. only installs halfway...ruinz your phone...designer doesn't have a clue!!!! Looking for a similar version like this one that actually works!!!!

1:05 am
Fri 13 Nov

zaza100200 wrote...


8:43 am
Wed 2 Dec

Pawan Kumar wrote...

Nice software.

3:40 am
Thu 31 Dec

aravind wrote...

please explain to me how to install this software from beginning, please reply me i tried but failed, please explain to me.

11:20 am
Thu 31 Dec

aravind wrote...

please explain to me how to install this software from beginning, please reply me i tried but failed, please explain to me.

11:22 am
Mon 25 Jan

Dennis wrote...

i like this link

5:45 am
Mon 28 Jun

juby wrote...

i tried 2 install it on my DOPOD C800....after installation my cell restarts normally even though m not able to see application..plzzz help me out!!!!

3:29 am
Fri 22 Oct

rahul wrote...

how we install this software to my t-mobile (MDA 3)

2:58 am
Thu 12 May

pritesh wrote...


12:20 pm
Sun 24 Jul

tayay gamal wrote...

samsung windows mobile SGH-i780 THEMES

12:12 am
Mon 8 Aug

jose emmanuel wrote...

my like

3:53 pm
Fri 30 Sep

arditrilaksono wrote...


6:11 am
Mon 16 Apr

Rushik wrote...

3D manu

12:18 am



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